All is vanity, nothing is fair

As no doubt the quote from a nineteenth century novel in the title will have forewarned you, Contemplating the Divine once again takes a step back to the gentler, but no less unkind, femdom of regency days*.  It was one of the first themes ever to feature on the blog, and remains to this day one of the most thoroughly unpopular, with few if any readers ever having a good word to say about it.  But then if I got off on compliments, I wouldn’t be a humiliation freak, now, would I?

Either that, or I’m too stupid to take a hint.  Whatever… here come the hot chicks in empire-line dresses yet again.












* and before anyone rushes to comment that at least some of these scenes are clearly from the early Victorian period, I should point out that I am – of course – using ‘Regency’ to indicate a general focus on period drama and costumes, rather than strictly confining the topics to the years between 1811 and 1820.  OK?  Goodness, femdom porn sites like Bitches with Whips or StraponSquad don’t pay so much attention to these historical details, I’m sure, and I don’t suppose they get that kind of abuse.

0 thoughts on “All is vanity, nothing is fair”

  1. Perchance, I have been purchasing fripperies to adorn my maggot phallus at Mrs Illingsdale`s. Adjusting our commercial relationship will be accomplished with most alacrity.

  2. Thank you, Declan, kind of you to say so.

    And it just shows how similarly our minds work (in a twisted and despicable manner obviously) because I loved that one. It's actually why I put this post up yesterday, as an extra. I just had to get it out there as soon as I had written it, so I bundled it with some other 'Regency' captions I had in stock and here we are.

    Best wishes


  3. Hmmm…. if you can afford 'a bunch of blue ribbons to tie up your bonnie limp dick'
    (or other fripperies), perhaps you should be paying a higher tribute? And with the stable boy otherwise engaged, there's a lot of mucking-out needs doing, so I hope you'll be turning your hand to that, too.

    Best wishes

    S (I asked the Honourable Philippa Courtenay-Smythe whether she wished to reply but she turned up her elegant nose and declined).

  4. She would indeed, Femsup. I suspect she'd take the necessary tough decisions, without hesitation. I believe I might have featured that particular image before… and knelt before it in prayer and supplication on several occasions too, of course.

    Best wishes


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