I can still hear you saying

… you would never break the chain.

Oh, not again…

Do you know, I think I might be so full after all that, I don’t think I could face a dessert? But fortunately, no one cares what I think.

I’ve suffered from a few sexual complaints in my time.
Well, it’s hardly my fault.  I mean – I just glanced at her. For two seconds – three, tops!

It’s tough, being a responsible adult.  So I’ve heard.

0 thoughts on “I can still hear you saying”

  1. Another nice view into the early days of the Matriarchy with the sexual complaints board. Femsup

  2. Actually, scientists have discovered that wonder vegetable, the turnip, contains all of the nutrients needed to keep a man healthy, vigorous and utterly miserable. Nonetheless, for any owners who are worried, they have now invented a vitamin pill that can be taken daily alongside the turnip. Getting the vitamins in was easy, but it took years of testing to come up with a formulation that definitively tasted nastier than the turnip, so there's no danger of men having anything to look forward too.

  3. Well, sexual complaints are becoming increasingly common in our post-industrial society. I read somewhere that almost 35% of married men find it completely impossible to get an erection, for example, which suggests they're really pissing their wives off quite badly.

  4. Or that their very significant others put them in too tight chastity devices. Femsup

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