We shall not see their like again

really a femdom post.  But farewell, to the late and great Paul
Darrow.  Jacqueline Pearce passed last year.  Thanks for the ’80s, both of you.

Not really a femdom image, I’ll admit.

Oh, but this so is.

Now isn’t that a sweet gesture? I actually had the honour once of meeting and playing with Mistress Servalan in Sydney and very lovely and creative she is.
Not quite sure what’s going on here, but given the theme of this blog, we’ll assume Servalan’s winning.
That’s more like it.  Definitely a punishment sesssion

…and some post-session aftercare too.

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  1. I can believe that. Jacqueline Pearce certainly had an impact on mine.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment and the lovely picture. From that and the other pictures on your Flickr site, it looks as if you and your wife have a great deal to be happy about. My very best wishes to both of you.


  2. Thank you for the kind words about the photo stream 🙂 And yes, JP was also a lovely lady. That show has a lot (of good things) to answer for. Keep well…

  3. I used to like Avon with his snarling lashing tongue more than the nice and worthy Blake. Plus the two lasses Jenna & Cally. And the snivelling and cowardly worm Vila. But like Dr Who the liberal and progressive virtues of all were on display. Even the Rick like Avon who is more hard bitten and seemingly less idealistic. And in both Dr Who & Blakes 7 women are often dominant. Miss them both now. Femsup

  4. I saw this with great sadness and fondness too for the show & 80's, what a show – surely ready made for a HBO or similar modern version…
    (I'd inexcusably missed that Jacqueline Pearce had passed, which I am sure some kind of penance or atonement is owed)
    But beyond the mighty Servalan, the show was full of lovely, far from shrinking violet women – so splendid stuff.
    The show actually made me cry once, when for some misdemeanour I was sent to my room and missed the end of either the 2nd or 3rd series (no VHS letalone netflix back then!)

  5. too little too late, but as an attempt to make it up to the wonder that was Jacqueline, and for those not in the know, a compilation of Servalan:

    (as an aside, talking about 80's tV-shows – with a femdom theme – can anyone recall a kids TV show, that may or may not have had time-travel, that was a kind of Egyptian theme ( i think) but anyway towards the end of the series had the following scene:
    young man in nothing but loin-cloth tied down spread eagle on a cement floor, suffering under the sun, with the baddie (a gloriously dominant woman) torturing him by pouring some water just out of his gasping reach – RING ANY BELLS?

  6. Thank you, Femsup. I always felty a certain affinity for the snivelling and cowardly worm Vila, myself. Vila and Servalan… now that would have been a couple after my own heart. Jenna and Cally too, indeed… but mostly Jenna.

  7. Thank you for your comment (and the one below if you are the ame Mr A – I do wish you would all adopt pseudonyms to keep things straighht).

    Yes, Blake's Seven needs a remake… possibly even one of those all female versions that are so popular these days. Blake and her crew could be fighting to liberate the galaxy from vicious, brutal oppression to replace it with a more caring, maternal oppression.

    I know exactly what you mean about being reduced to tears by being sent to your room during a series finale, though. Happened to me with Game of Thrones. Still, I expect I deserved it.

  8. Very nice Servalan compilation, thank you.

    I am afraid I cannot recall that specific scene… an egyptian theme could possibly be Stargate, which certainly had some haughty femmes in it at times, as most long-running sci-fi series' eventually do.

    In the 1990s, Farscape had Grayza, very strongly resembling Servalan. She has an air of extreme menace and at one point there is actually a scernner of Scorpius on aleash being forced to lick her boot but irritatingly I cannot find it online… odd, as the Internet is usually good at preserving porny moments (see Pink Panther, Space 1999, Two Ronnies – if any of these references confuse any readers, you either need to spend more time on this blog or go off and google 'mainstream femdom').

  9. interesting will look that up – thanks!

    I don't think the show I was thinking about what Farscape – the one I am talking about would have been on in the late 70's / early 80's after school before 6pm on BBC1 or possibly ITV when they had a kids slot. also as far as I am aware it was a one off, in that it had 5 or 6 episodes and then the story was done – but I may be wrong, the fog of time is catching up on me!

  10. one and the same 🙂

    and re: the reboot – what a fantastic twist and cause to bring the Blake's 7 crew back for**. Jenna and Cally, could be double agents…

    ** speaking of which, i.e. come backs, missing that brute and all round lucky guy Raoul in your posts, maybe he could get a comeback too

  11. Blimey, when you scroll down on that site you really have to scroll down, don't you? Goes on a bit. You'd think they'd put the scene of the guy wearing a gimp suit licking the boots of the leather-clad pixie-cut dominatrix at the top? I mean, that's obviously going to be the most popular image, right?

    I certainly enjoyed it, so thank you very much indeed for seeking that out. But I need a new page down button for my keyboard now.

  12. Incidentally, I should make clear that I think it incredibly kind of you to have gone off to chase down those pictures for me and the readers of this blog. Deserved a better response than mere whinging about how far down I had to scroll. Occasionally I forget my manners – apologies.

    Be assured that I will certainly be making a booking with a special Someone quite soon for a little 'reminder' about my behaviour, in this and many other respects…

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