Trying not to pose

… for the cameras and the girls (trigger warning: no femdom, big hair, old-fashioned music from when Servitor was young, if such a thing can be imagined).

Always a tricky situation, but she knew exactly how to handle it to prevent embarassment. Women are better at reading social situations like that. Now… what kind of wine goes with spunk?
I’d be their catwalk.
She’s considering a suggestion from some productivity consultants that could eliminate that particular problem. The jerking-off, I mean, not the periods. That would be weird.
She doesn’t have any questions for you, either. It’s that kind of relationship, where you take the other person just as they are. She’s violent and sadistic and you’re… well: restrained and vulnerable. What’s to discuss?
Especially the ‘holding’ bit.
Like a threesome! Five, if you count the socks.

10 thoughts on “Trying not to pose”

  1. ”Max, please be careful when my mom visits, OK?’ She is lovely and so kind, but she can be critical too. If she thinks I let you get away with things she will think I don’t run an efficient house. She thinks I am a bit too easygoing with you as she was very strict with my daddy, and still is. He may be in his late 50’s but he is still caned regularly. Just be a good boy, please.”

    ”Yes, goddess, of course. When is Goddess Mommy visiting, ma’am.”

    ”I am not sure, I need to phone her at some point today or tomorrow.”

    Max hates it when my mom visits, he is on show and she is very demanding. I remember when I was growing up how my dad would be quick to obey her. He would be disciplined for the slightest error, however small. He was once severely punished for forgetting the name of her cousin’s children. We didn’t see this cousin of hers much, but they were considered senior and he should know their names.

    I told my mom I thought it was unfair, but she was insistent.

    I was in bed with Max. He is a enthusiastic lover and his tongue is very skilful.

    ”Darling, kiss me.”

    ”mmmm darling, lick me.”

    ”Darling, let me cuddle up to you. Your shoulders are so broad, and sexy.”

    My mom arrived and Max took her coat, unloaded her car of a suitcase and some bags. He took them to her room, where he had placed flowers and fresh sheets.

    It was a successful week-end and Max stayed out of trouble. We didn’t share a bed whilst she was with us, that would have been too much for her. The only criticism I got from mom was that I allowed Max to be in the dining room as we ate and also he could sit at my feet in the TV lounge.

    ”Why do you allow Max to be so close to you when he is not working? Surely, he should be in his quarters, it seems very modern to allow him so near your feet, dear.”

    If that is all mom can find to criticise I reckon that is OK.


    1. Ah, mothers-in-law, Ms Zoe… either the bane or the saving of a modern female-led marriage. Or both.

      You know, of course, when your mother hints that you’re not being strict enough with Max, she’s only doing it because she loves you. Anyone still regularly caning her husband at her age, is obviously deeply committed to making relationships work.

      Best wishes


  2. Hi Servitor:

    Do you have memory of a specific caption about obedience pills? The caption has a pharmacist offering them to someone’s wife. There are two versions of the pills, the regular and the extra-strength version which includes an anti-androgen or feminizing hormones. The pharmacist mentions that they are called ‘sissy pills’ colloquially.

    I’ve tried searching using keywords and the word cloud but can’t find it. What about you?


    1. Hello Mr A

      Oh, I love it when people are obsessive about the blog and remember things I had long ago forgotten. This was tricky – and a bit weird. After a lot of digging, I found the image.

      But weirdly, I could not find the post I published it in. I tried reverse-searching it – when I’ve got the image that usually works. But it knows it’s CtD, but many of the search engines just point to an unrelated pharmacy caption from November 2011.

      Oh well. I have posted the image on my Tumblr site: here. If anyone out there has better reverse image searching skills (or memory) than me, they are welcome to try to track the post down.

      Best wishes


      PS, isn’t it about time you gave yourself a name here?

        1. TinEye gave no matches for the caption image. Is there a chance not all entries from the blogspot were successfully ported to this site?

          1. No, I don’t think that’s it. Anyway, the blogspot is still live, so should show up too.

            That one was in a batch that had to be recovered after an external disk failure and I lost track of which had been posted and which not, so I might have put it straight on Tumblr, which is otherwise only for reposts at random.

            Thanks for trying. Keep taking the Complianex.

            Best wishes


          2. Frankly with the right woman I don’t think there would be any need to give me obedience pills.

          3. …but if I were her I’d spring for the Complianex Ultra.

        2. Yup – you liked the HR lady, for example. I’d like to claim I know that because I am gifted at spotting the subtle stylistic clues, but actually it’s because WordPress shows the site owner the IP address of all commenters. Which is obviously no meaningful identification at all, so I hope no one will feel cautious about commenting.

          Best wishes


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