The shape of things to come

Another science fiction-themed post! Sadly not featuring those whip wielding Amazons from Space 1999 this time but I’ll try to remedy that in future.

It’s very important to maintain carefully controlled conditions, in science. I expect that’s just what she intends to do.
Maybe when The Change happens, whatever that is (and how do they pronounce those capital letters anyway?) everything will become much clearer.
They had to replace the ‘Cruelty free’ label with ‘Cruelly tested on male animal experimenters and cosmetics industry executives’ but it didn’t do the sales any harm at all.
Her culinary ideas might be a bit odd but she’s really good at sex. Just ask the vacuum cleaner.
And you don’t even need to wear a condom: absorbing your bodily fluids is actually her goal. So what’s not to like? Apart from imminent death, obviously, but if you’d run away you could have been hit by a bus or something that same day, you know?
Oh dear. I hope she finds some sort of use for it.

10 thoughts on “The shape of things to come”

  1. Vampire señoritas. They drain the energy out of me making me weak and submissive, while she becomes powerful and controlling

      1. Sí. Pero actualmente un Latino.
        Señora Maria, do you wear exciting Hula skirts?

    1. Ah yes, I remember that, Tom. Heart thumping, I grabbed the 5¼ inch floppy disk (along with another game to buy at the same time, to establish that I was a gamer who liked this sort of game, not a weird pervert) and went home happy.

      Thoroughly disappointing, obviously. I didn’t have the patience to actually play much of the damn thing but eventually discovered you could read the whole game script if you knew where to look. And there were distressingly few leather goddesses in it.

      I never had the patience for any of those early text-based adventures, actually. ‘You see a vase on the table – Take vase – The vase is too heavy to lift – Smash vase with hammer – You cannot use the hammer on the vase – Punch vase – You cannot fight the vase‘ and so on…

      Perhaps I could write the worst one ever… there must be easy software to do it nowadays. Based on the life of a gimp who spends the whole game chained up in a box. ‘Look – You see nothing, your eyes are covered with a soft leather blindfold – Walk East – Your legs are tightly bound together – Wriggle – You wriggle – Wriggle – You wriggle – Wait – Time passes – Time passes – Time passes – You hear footsteps approaching – Speak to Mistress – Your mouth is tightly stoppered with a gag – Wriggle – You wriggle. You hear liquid gurgling. The enema tube in your anus wobbles ominously…

      But perhaps the world is not ready.

      Best wishes


  2. I never had the patience for any of those early text-based adventures, actually.

    lol, I felt the same way.
    And I realize that the game title was supposed to be a riff on the old style Goddess of Mars style sci-fi pulp, but still… they could at least have tossed in a few Easter Egg pics for us.

  3. Also, well turned on that “zero width bread slices.” Actually made me snort into my muzzle as I was preparing a new batch of silicone lubrication for Mistress’ teflon joints.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I chortled a bit myself, writing that one. Although I suppose it makes as much sense as anything else on this blog.

      Best wishes to to you and your bionic mistress. Better than she was before. Better, stronger… faster.


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