Helplessly devoted

She might at some point make you consent to what’s going on, just to ease her conscience.
If after you’ve discussed them there are still things the two of you disagree on, well, you can always just discuss them again, can’t you?
Could be the start of something beautiful. A turning point, so to speak.
I once cancelled a session with a domme at short notice but she ignored me and went ahead anyway. Quite right too.
Sometimes guys think going 24/7 means they can’t ask for things any more, and that’s just such a misunderstanding. I’m always asking my SO for stuff – food or water, mostly – and usually she doesn’t mind at all.
Sometimes, the ferals watch her being oiled up by one of her domesticated males and just walk into the cages of their own accord.

8 thoughts on “Helplessly devoted”

  1. Thank you Señor Servitor for your pictures and comments.
    Yes indeed, women are powerfully beautiful, and sometimes they use their power to be devilish

  2. It was a busy commute, as usual. The Lexus is comfy, but it is still a one hour drive home. I thought about Max as I drove. He is such a good sissy husband, and he looks after me and the house so well.

    As it has been one year since he was let out of his CB6000 for anything other than washing in the shower, I was considering how I should mark that. Perhaps let him have freedom for fifteen minutes, or let him touch his c**k for a short time. It all seemed rather sad.

    As I have told Max he may not mention his chastity status at all I could ignore it and let it go on to two or three or even four more years. It wouldn’t really affect me in the slightest.

    What to do. What to do.

    As I got out of the car and walked to my front door I was aware of my smelly feet, my sticky pantyhose, my sweaty bra cups.

    ”Max, darling, come and take my coat and my bag, please.”

    ”Yes, goddess, of course. There is a fresh pot of coffee, goddess.”

    I took my coffee and watched Max as he knelt by my feet, looking up at me longingly and silently.

    He looked so cute, I decided to ignore the anniversary and carry on as normal. I doubt if he has remembered as he has little sense of time. Each day of devotion to me is the same as any other.

    I took off my stinky pantyhose and gave them to Max.

    ”As a treat, you may sleep with these tonight, darling. You wont be with me, honey, I need a rest from you.”

    ”Thank you goddess. I understand, goddess.”

    ”Good boy.”

    And he is a good boy. A sweet, sissy, weak boy.


  3. Zoe.
    It seems that you are sort of a live in dom, which I say with great respect.
    You keep Max chaste in his cage. You control the part of Max that men have trouble controlling. You sometimes use corporal punishment on him, breaking down macho barriers within him so he opens up to you.
    You discipline and guide him to serve you as your sissy husband.
    A truly touching story.
    Thank you for sharing !

    1. I forgot to mention that all of this probably makes you feel very powerful, all of which makes Max very glad.

      1. Thank you Alberto. I am a dominant wife, not a Dominatrix. I don’t get any pleasure from caning Max, but I recognise it is necessary to maintain the proper relationship between a superior and inferior person.

        Max is very happy in the relationship, although I allow few avenues for him to express an opinion.

        I feel powerful because I am in control, it has nothing to do with Max. My power comes from the rights and privileges I have fought for in my life.

        You are sweet, Alberto, so thanks.


        1. Thank you both for your continuing comments.

          Men aren’t good at remembering anniversaries. Sexual release can be a useful incentive to count the days but I am sure you have many other ways of reminding him too, Ms Zoe.

          Best wishes


  4. I don’t really agree with that.
    I don’t think is a good idea allways let boys release in concrete dates .if they know they get guaranteed release , they will not do their best because they know they only have to wait ,in order to cum.


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