There’s nothing here that is real

..but I think we’ve long ago established that, no? Anyway, it’s just yet more 1980s pop, this time from Mistress Tracy (Tracy). Distressingly SFW, like so much in life.

She’s very embarassed, poor thing – but even the most experienced professionals can have an off day.
Fortunately, the experience is very memorable.
He’s hoping eventually she’ll come round. Women find that kind of persistence very romantic.
There’s a part of me that does…
I don’t want anyone reading this to think I believe boys shouldn’t study science and stuff like that. They’ll be no good at it, but it can be enlightening for their female classmates to watch them being beaten as they fail repeatedly.
If you feel like arguing, maybe it’s time to start practising some of those all-important speech protocols, hmm?

11 thoughts on “There’s nothing here that is real”

  1. The problem of teaching boys physics in the gynarchy is ongoing. The research shows that boys are much better at fixing things in the home, or at least helping a competent work-person whilst providing tea and biscuits.

    Physics is hard for boys, they just don’t get it. This means that girls can be held back whilst the teacher explains ‘again’ about the ‘Laws of Physics’ and so on.

    Laws are constantly being tested experimentally to increasing degrees of precision, which is one of the main goals of science. This means that there isn’t the certainty that boys find so comforting. In Home Economics, if you clean a bathroom then there is the application of skills, which result in a known outcome, this isn’t true in physics.

    If you devise a budget for food shopping, you can see the result quickly.

    Some knowledge can be confirmed in the observation and whether the ‘laws’ continue to hold, or whether they break, and what can be discovered in the process.

    It is always possible for laws to be invalidated or proven to have limitations, by repeatable experimental evidence, should any be observed.

    Well-established laws have indeed been invalidated in some special cases, but the new formulations created to explain the discrepancies generalize upon, rather than overthrow, the originals. This doesn’t seem to worry the girls, who are used to overthrowing societal, and ‘physical’ norms.

    Rather than unchanging knowledge, physical laws are better viewed as a series of improving and more precise generalizations. Boys get so confused and need certainty.

    For example, if Max breaks a rule he knows he will be punished. Boys need a certain amount of certainty, girls find physics fascinating and enjoy the experience of learning. When boys are in the class they find them a distraction and compete for their adoration and worship.

    So, science is a ‘girls’ subject, home economics is for boys.


    1. Zoe.
      Thank you for your well written wisdom.
      These days more women are graduating as medical doctors, etc. Women are often smarter and better judges of people. Men are physically stronger but women are wiser, smarter, and femininely beautiful.
      There is something very wonderful about a man surrendering to the feminine magnetism and wisdom. It’s a win win.
      My beatings by her are not about sadism. They are about my surrendering to her. We both feel it. I kiss her feet in gratitude after a beating, and she hugs me warmly when she feels my surrender. We’re both so elated ! We’re even in a state of bliss when there are no beatings. But I have some bad boy blood in me that requires a caning from time to time to set things straight again.
      I gather Max has surrendered to you. So happy for you two
      Thankful for the feminine divine!

      1. Well written and wise, indeed Alberto.

        I am with you on all of that. As I’ve said before (or it might have been the divine President Annie on these pages), men and women have different skills and there is room for both to be gainfully employed in the modern economy. Women in jobs requiring intelligence, empathy, leadership and so on and men in jobs more suited to their superior strength. Picking up heavy things, carrying heavy things, pulling things along, repeating tiring tasks that don’t require a lot of skill… there are many possibilities. We can work together: no need for a war between the sexes, but if there is one I will surrender unconditionally on day 1.

        Best wishes


      1. Thank you for commenting, tied

        I hope to see you here, still struggling helplessly in those blue tights, again.

        Best wishes


    2. That all sounds very sensible, Ms Zoe.

      You are (of course) right: compared to girls boys need a clearer and more direct link between their actions and the results of those actions. Or their behaviour and the ‘consequences’ as my SO likes to put it.

      Best wishes


  2. A boy should be doing classes on cooking, cleaning, speaking only when permitted, how to look cute for his mistress, amd most importantly, how to be a good slut in bed for her. Having them be led around by their superiors on a leash at school will also get them accustomed to being in bondage, not that it’s truly needed, since he owns nothing and literally has no rights in the gynarchy anyway.

    1. Thank you, Squaw, good to see you here.

      Yes indeed. Some people say boys don’t do well in class, but that’s often because they are applying outmoded educational techniques that are better suited to female pupils – like being inspirational, engaging the pupil’s interest and so on. Given some material to learn by rote, accompanied by ferociously painful consequences for not doing so to the teacher’s satisfaction, almost any male can learn to be quite useful… eventually.

      Best wishes


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