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    1. I understand they’re more a set of guidelines than rules as such. But the basic principle is that a male reaching Sanctuary without getting caught gets released, without a blemish on his record (or his skin, unless one of the huntresses got a despairing tip of whip to him just before he staggered over the line).

      Which some ladies consider a bit lenient – I mean, who wants any convicted sexists strolling around the community, even if the majority of them do die in agony without reaching their goal? A few Hunts cheat a little, therefore, by for example requiring the quarry to scale a three metre wall or swim a large river to reach Sanctuary… but it’s hardly sporting and if the word gets around, the males stop making such an effort, which isn’t so much fun.

      Other rules, such as what kinds of dogs or whips are permitted, who gets the trophy and so on, are at the discretion of the local Huntsmistress.

      Best wishes


    2. Maria.
      Read some of your previous comments
      Women’s sexual apparatus is far more complicated and advanced than men’s almost child like sex apparatus.
      Women don’t need to offer sex. Women are in control. She arouses and denies men whenever she wants. She’s powerful.
      Once you realize that, your self confidence goes through the roof! That makes you even more desirable.

      1. Believe me, I’m aware of that.
        And it is not just the sexual apparatus, the main difference is of course the brain. A male one, for example would not survive a real orgasm.
        The only thing bigger in male brain is the part dedicated to sexual desire, what makes them the pervert sex obsessed things they are

  1. I’m so happy to see this continued I love this little series you make brilliant work

    1. Thank you, Mr A. Actually, I just take sneak peaks at my SO’s notes from her Female Supremacist political meetings, then write it up as captions, but I appreciate the kind words anyway.

      Best wishes


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