The Hunt

New series! Brutal, unpleasant and – so far at least – with very longwinded captions. But if you’re into the idea of running naked at the limits of your endurance, desperately gulping lungfuls of air as you flee in terror for your life, pursued by whip-wielding jodhpur-clad ladies on horseback intent on your mutilation and painful death (and let’s face it, all of that adds up to a very attractive image), you might like these).

More mundanely, I understand commenting here has become harder the last few weeks. That’s not something I want to happen, so I have tried tweaking the anti-spam settings a bit. I found out for example that it was considering all comments containing the word ‘penis’ to be spam. I’ve deleted that but ‘penis enlargement’ continues to feature on the list, as that is not something this blog supports – quite the opposite, if anything. I’ll keep a better eye on this – apologies if you felt the urge to comment recently and were discouraged.

7 thoughts on “The Hunt”

  1. What an exciting concept, I love these types of brutal captions. Excellent work as always! Happy posting 🙂

    1. Thank you very much indeed. Yes, I find such brutality exciting in fantasy, although I doubt I’d particularly enjoy the real thing. Fortunately for the ladies with an interest in hunting, my views – like those of other males – really don’t enter into it.

      Best wishes


    1. Thank you, kind of you to say so.

      In that case, you’re definitely going to want to check the blog on 26th November…

      Best wishes


  2. This is one of my favourite fantasies. I seek out hunt meetings just to see girls with their whips. The idea that the prey get throughly dealt with is very exciting. I like the idea of a hunter flirting with one of the foxes she likes the look of and whispers where he can go and hide. Once the hunt starts she goes there and he realises he’s been tricked. She simply tells him to get down for it and like all good masochists does what he’s told. She returns to the Club with the bleeding trophy in her hand. The other hunters know that she’s cheated but nobody gets cross because it’s only her second time out and she’s only 16. And very pretty. She gives her trophy to the chef who tosses it in oil and lays it on the barbeque grid. It’s the largest trophy he’s seen which is what attracted her to the victim in the first place.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for that vision.

      Nice timing, as it happens: installment 2 of ‘The Hunt’ is going to be published this Sunday, 26 November. Hope you like it as much.

      Best wishes


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