Fishers of men

… but don’t worry: they are mostly doing it for sport. After hooking you and letting you wriggle and gasp for a while, they’ll usually just unhook you and throw you right back where you were.

This lady’s not planning to go fishing. She’s already caught enough for her immediate needs.
Actually, that’s not quite correct. The relationship is working for Trevor… and will do, right up to the end.
He’s looking forward to a harmonious married life, in which the housework is done with a perky smile, there’s no nonsense about taking financial decisions together and every comfort and care of the Head of Household is attended to. So’s she.
Fortunately, if she does decide to sell them anyway, even in their distressingly clean state, online purchasers of used panties rarely if ever complain to Trading Standards authorities.
You can actually communicate even quite complex concepts eventually in ‘bimbo’ speech mode, but you might have to suck a lot of cock on the way.
That’s actually something you have to ask for specifically, at the OWK. But he shouldn’t hold back. Most of the Ladies will be perfectly happy to deal with any guest who wants to have sex with them and some of them might even invite other Ladies to join in the fun.

5 thoughts on “Fishers of men”

  1. Maria. You are absolutely correct. Like most men my mind was taken over by sex and needing to cum. Fortunately I owned up to my weakness I needed help! So as a real man I surrendered to her. She put a chastity cage on me. It was a tool to make a better man out of me, as are whippings.
    At first I went crazy with desire. I was desperate, begging, shouting and angry, anything to cum! I couldn’t think straight.
    After a time I became more calm. Still later I reached acceptance. I wasn’t going to cum, so my brain changed. My sexual energy converted into doing things. I focused on her feelings instead of on myself. Since I couldn’t cum, I stopped seeing women as sex objects. Instead I looked inside of them to see their inner feminine beauty. I learned to have deep relationships. I feel more masculine but not macho. I do it of my free will.
    I still not perfect, but not insane anymore.

    1. More or less like my boyfriend, but I think he still would like to cum , some day.
      it’s going to be two years, since his last incident

    1. I’ve heard that and live it too, but I have to say that my SO’s sex life has very much taken off lately, so maybe it’s just an ‘averages’ thing.

      In any event, our relationship is more Aristotelian than Platonic.

      Best wishes


  2. She say to me: “When you look deep into my eyes, and I feel your overwhelming desire for me, we will experience orgasm(s) way beyond anything physical.”
    “Most men think with their balls, so this is way beyond them.” Macho men are emotionally afraid, she say.

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