Feminine guiles

She had to do something to keep herself amused. She’d already done today’s Wordle, after all.
She’s also his personal financial advisor – she’s recently encouraged him to move most of his ready cash into envelopes.
She’s lucky to have Sarah, otherwise she’d be a pushover for any chained-up male with a sob story.
Embarassingly, it was only at the top she realised she’d meant to throw something into the rubbish bin and had to lead you right down and then back up again, the silly forgetful thing.
It’s nice and quiet down there, hardly anyone ever visits. Don’t worry, though: there’s a food chute. Well… down there it’s a food chute. On the surface it’s a rubbish chute. Same difference.
Don’t worry, they always schedule some special ‘couple time’ when your wife has you just to herself.

11 thoughts on “Feminine guiles”

  1. It is Saturday and I am heading to town for a coffee and christmas shop with my girlfriend, Amy. We met at Uni and she is a Gynarchy girl with a husband who is totally obedient. She is a Surgeon and her sissy, Ben, is a homemaker and looks after the children.

    ”Max, I am going out. Complete your chores, and if you have time, start to decorate the house with christmas lights and ornaments. I will inspect and advise when I get back. OK?”

    Max is always busy around christmas, and tries his best to please me and our many visitors. Last year he had such fun looking after us. Such a good boy.

    Amy told me about the stresses of her job and how sweet Ben is. Their daughter has realised that it is a waste of her time to ask daddy for anything as it is mommy who is in charge. If her dad annoys her or is slow to obey she will warn him that she will ask for a ‘ruling’ from mommy.

    So sweet. I guess she doesn’t yet know how painful a ‘ruling’ can be for daddy. The younger girl hasn’t got a clue how the family dynamics work.

    It is always fun to catch up with Amy. I am so fond of her.

    When I got back, Max, had ‘decorated’ the TV room but I needed to adjust and change things as usual.

    ”Good boy, Max. You remembered the tree. Good job.”


    1. Zoe
      As gynarchy ladies, Do you ever put on a humbler on Max, or does Amy to Ben, if the men are ever not gallant or chivalrous to ladies ?

        1. Maria
          Does your gentleman friend make you feel very desirable, does he focus only on you, not on himself, and make you feel so adorable that you just melt and glow with an inner warmth.
          Don’t you think real men should do this ?

        2. PLenty of bumblers in my captions, Maria.

          Best wishes


          Once a sub, an incompetent bumbler
          Sought to put his dick pictures on Tumblr
          But alas he was blocked
          When the censors were shocked
          By his big hairy balls in a humbler.

      1. I don’t know about Amy, but I would never use such a horrible thing. A ‘humbler’ is awful.

        How dare you even contemplate such a thing, Alberto.

        Bad boy!


        1. Zoe
          So very sorry!
          My head is bowed in masculine shame.
          You are such a warm-hearted, refined lady.
          Can you forgive poor me?

          1. Of course, Alberto.

            I forgive you. Just be careful what you say to a woman. Don’t assume from your own fantasies and imaginings.


  2. What’s wrong with humblers?
    They teach boys their place, and that their balls make them inferior.

    1. Maria, they cruel and nasty. I would never use one.

      Makes me shudder to think if it.

      There are better and kinder ways to show boys their ‘place’.


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