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  1. Christmas in the Girl’s High School is always a fun time. The school has a Tree and some decorations. The sissy boy slaves (who act as our gofers and corridor monitors and are also pupils at the next door ‘school for boys’) are on their best behaviour because the consequences of a girl being upset or annoyed are very serious for them.

    I am eating in the canteen with my friends, we are talking about what we did at the week-end and our plans for Christmas.

    When we have finished our meals the boys clear away and tidy the area before returning to their school.

    The male teachers are nervous because they don’t want to be on the bad side of a teen girl with raging hormones and issues around slaves and obedient compliance.

    We go into our Geography lesson with Mr Spinks. He is a cute guy of about mid-twenties and is an interesting and engaging teacher. He is supervised by Jane, a 19 year old woman who is his ‘Named Female Enabler’. She is standing by the desk and so Mr Spinks is standing also.

    When we are all sat down and ready, Jane nods to Mr Spinks and then goes out of the class.

    ”Good morning ladies, hope you are all well this morning. Today we are reviewing your essays on the effects of climate change on coastal communities.”

    A red-haired girl called Petra puts her hand up.

    ”Are you gay, Mr Spinks?”

    We all laugh, but Mr Spinks looks worried. He must answer, but he knows this will lead to a discussion that he doesn’t want to be part of. If he steers the class back to the topic in hand he will have gained some control.

    ”Well, Petra, ma’am, I am not gay. Please don’t ask me questions like that again. Can we talk about coastal communities, please.”

    Petra: ”No need to be rude, Mr Spinks. Good boy for answering though. Well done.”

    ”Thanks………..” Mr Spinks continued the class. When the lesson was complete he asked if he could speak to me and Petra. We are the most senior girls in the class and he must please us for a good report.

    ”Zoe, Petra, Goddesses, thank you for staying behind. I am sorry that I had to cut short your question, Miss Petra, but my private life is private. As you both know I am a sissy with a wife. Why did you ask if I am gay, Miss?”

    ”I just wanted to test you, Mr Spinks. You are generally a good boy, but I wanted to see if you would lose your temper. You did well.”

    ”One thing, Mr Spinks. You should be kneeling in front of us. We are standing, and so are you. That is impolite.”

    Mr Spinks quickly got onto his knees. It is polite for a man to be below a woman or girl at all times. At this point Jane came in and snapped her fingers.

    ”Are you ready for your next class, Mr Spinks?”

    ”Yes Miss, we have finished our chat. Thank you for your kind supervision.”

    And so we continued on our day.


    1. Male teachers with sense quickly learn to spot alphas and behave accordingly, I expect, Ms Zoe. Although I imagine more girlish fin is to be had dealing with those without such sense.

      Best wishes


    2. Zoe, I do not understand how you use the word ‘sissy’. It seems like Mr. Spinks is your usual run of the mill submissive married man, and also based on his situation, he might not be submissive by inclination but might instead be forced to behave submissively by the society surrounding him. When I imagine a ‘sissy’ I think of a man who has a sexual fetish for humiliation, feminization and exhibitionism, often tied up with some really retrograde misogynistic views. I don’t see that in Mr. Spinks. So, what makes him a sissy?

      I really like the idea of dominant girls teasing a popular male teacher by asking him if he’s gay. But I wish they had a chance to keep teasing him; I want to know what other questions they had in store to try to make him lose his temper. Maybe a followup would be “Have you ever kissed a man on the lips?”. But that is not very offensive.

  2. “Why, if I found out that my picture was all over the internet with creeps drooling over it, I’d have to… I’d have to… well… maybe I’d have to smack your behind with this spoon. Or maybe even think of something worse, wouldn’t I?”

      1. Women usually do, Alberto. they also seem to have an uncanny ability to know what men are up to, too, in my experience – and put a firm stop to it. Bless ’em.

        Best wishes


    1. In a future in which creative and communications jobs are increasingly taken by AI, it’s probably a useful talent to develop.

      Best wishes


  3. Well you see, I can see a pair of tits any time I want on the internet. I am sure yours are also perfectly formed and I would love to see them. But to be able to take your lingerie and lovingly hand wash it, especially for you; that’s something really special and intimate that I can’t get from the internet and that’s why I am a crazy fucked up idiot you should never have invited me into your bedroom.

    1. Señor Melissa,
      Very beautiful woman, no doubt. Don’t under estimate your good self. Seeming losers may become winners in reality.
      Buenas suerte amigo.

      1. That’s right, Alberto

        As my SO likes to tell me: just because I’m a moronic, lazy and worthless piece of shit whose pointless existence has been nothing more than a life-long embarassment, doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally put in an almost adequate performance on menial tasks. High praise indeed.

        Best wishes


    2. I’m sure she’d be happy to invite you into her utility room instead, to stay there until everything’s done, then quietly leave without bothering her, Melissa. Your kink may not be her kink, but her chores can be yours nonetheless.

      Best wishes


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