Feminine ferocity

Why spoil the surprise? It’s good for boys to be terrified. Anyway, it won’t be for long.
Together they can stand tall to fight oppression. Or not.
It doesn’t matter on so many different levels, that it’s a little odd she’s asking. If she really needed my opinion, she could beat it out of me, after all.
Makes you long for those long summer days, when she used to pick up tanned guys on the beach.
Remarkably, for both husbands it is the one thing they could reasonably claim to be good at, so it’s a real clash of titans.
You will report any staring violations, won’t you? Yes: thought you would.

The lovely and sadly retired Lady Sophia Black.

14 thoughts on “Feminine ferocity”

  1. Yes that happens.
    My cute boyfriend has spend many nights outside , sometimes under the rain, for that reason

    1. I often send Max, my sissy slave husband, into the garden if I am bored with him, or he is too much with worshipping my feet. The rule is he must not be able to be seen from the house. He must stay to the side of the house where he cannot be seen. If it rains he can stand under a tree, but not come to the door and beg.

      He is such a good garden sissy.


      1. Thank you both, those sound like very well-ordered households. I just pity female-led couples who live in apartment blocks, without a garden for males to run about in, while their Responsible Females get on with other things or other people. I suppose there’s usually a garbage disposal place or some such where they could be chained up for a night or two, but it’s not the same.

        Best wishes


    1. It is called master and not mistress because of doomed patriarchy. Men are usually the ones cleaning bedrooms, changing sheets and so they mistakenly still call it that. Max wouldn’t dare call it that.

      In my house I call it the ”Main” bedroom. This is both accurate and doesn’t involve gender.


      1. The lady in the caption is rather traditionalist, and quite often uses old-fashioned language. But I’ve never been so very convinced by the modern progressive notion that in changing the names people use for things one can truly change attitudes. It’s surely more important to change society than merely the language. As long as men can’t vote, own property or choose their sexual partners or employment, and can be whipped on the say-so of any female, perhaps they could be allowed a patriarchal word or two as a sop to their fragile little egos. The important thing is who is really in charge.

        Best wishes


    2. I beg from the bottom of my soul to give women pleasure. That is my ultimate joy.

  2. That is what I was telling you, yesterday,in another post.
    I wish we had laws not so patriarchal, that punished machista attitudes.

      1. Thank you for all your comments, Maria, as ever. I’ll just note here that unfair punishments are good, too.

        Best wishes


  3. I was talking to my old friend, Andrea, about her job and some of the things she would want her sissy to know. She is a Physics Teacher and insists her sissy knows the 3 basic laws of physics. Her sissy is a very cute little guy called Paulie and I have heard him recite all sorts of science facts as he kneels at Andrea’s pretty feet.

    This led me to think about what Max knows about science, and so I made him learn the 3 basic laws so that when Andrea visits I can amuse her by him reciting them. It was much harder work than expected and it was tiring for me to get Max to both understand and recite on command.

    Andrea is with me today and I explained to her that Max has something to recite which might amuse her. She didn’t mind that it is a disciplinary day and so, as Max was caned he recited the 3 basic laws. It was so funny as Max was in tears at the end. I don’t know why, but I always lay on the cane much harder when I have company watching.

    So, dear Servitor, imagine the scene. We are in my designer kitchen, Max is laid over a high chair, Andrea is sipping coffee at the island and I am in my leather trousers and white T shirt with my cane.

    ”Now Max darling, what is today? Explain to Andrea, please.”

    ”Today Goddess, is a disciplinary day to remind me of my place in the Universe.”


    ”and, Goddess, I am going to recite the 3 laws of physics, which you taught me.”

    ”Ready Andrea?”

    ”Cannot wait to hear this, Zoe.”

    ”Max,sweetie, what are the 3 basic laws of physics? Remember to thank me and to count, OK?”

    THWACKK!! ”Aaargh!! One, thank you goddess. Ma’am, ifit pleases you, in the first law, an object will not change its motion unless a force acts on it.”

    THWACKK!! ”pphhphph!! Two, thank you goddess”

    ”OK, Max, wha tis the second law and stop screaming so loud, please. I am sorry Andrea, he does make such a fuss.”

    ”That is OK, my sissy is the same.”

    THWACKK!! ”aaarr!!! Three, thank you goddess. Goddess in the second law, the force on an object is equal to its mass times its acceleration. pppphhhhhh!!! ma’am, thank you.”

    ”Now Max, who are you and who am I?”

    THWACKK!! ”Aaaaarrrggghh!! Four, thank you goddess. Goddess I am a very lucky sissy who lives in paradise with you, you are the very centre of all that is and will be. The whole world is in debt to your beauty, ma’am.” ‘

    THWACKK!! ”OhOhohoooo!! Five, thank you goddess in the third law, when two objects interact, they apply forces to each other of equal magnitude and opposite direction. If it pleases you ma’am, they are the 3 laws of physics, ma’am.”

    ”Good boy, you did well.”

    ”Yes, well done, Max.”

    THWACKK!! ” aaaarr!! Six, thank you goddess. Thank yo Goddess Andrea, you are so kind. Ouch, ma’am . Thank you ma’am for disciplining me, ma’am.”

    ”Kiss and thank the cane.”

    ”MMM thank O cane for your service.”

    ”Good boy. GO and get a shower, then start supper, OK?”

    ”Yes, ma’am.”


    1. Sounds like Max received a lesson he won’t forget, Ms Zoe. Two objects interacted, one applied its force to the other and energy was eventually dissipated as heat (and crying).

      This reminds me slightly of my (utterly brutal and non-consensual) Serena and Alice story, Love Among the Test Tubes.

      Now, what about the three laws of Submissives?
      Law 1: Any submissive given chores to do will continue to do those chores until ordered otherwise by a Superior.
      Law 2: Control equals chastity times discipline.
      Law 3: For every naughty action there is an unequal and unfair consequence.

      Best wishes


  4. I believe in maledom and patriarchy rule, if female is having any power then why they have not conquered the world yet? females are mindless slave creature and my goal of life is that they should remain such only.

    1. Then you’re probably reading the wrong blog. Males can get so easily confused, without the proper guidance.

      Best wishes


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