Happy Hathaday! Yes, regular ‘readers’ of this blog may be aware that Servitor has several soft spots for the greatest actress of her generation and future first Female Supremacist president of the United Matriarchy of America, the divine Ann(i)e.

Today marks the day we celebrate an additional year in which we have been blessed with her presence, to set against that dark period of 13,700,000,000 years or so over which we did not. And what better way to honour her than by putting up some captioned images utterly misrepresenting her personality and even speech patterns, for sad weirdos like you and me to perve over? I certainly can’t think of one. So here they are.

8 thoughts on “Annie”

    1. Alas, I rather doubt it. But there definitely should be. I mnea, I’d pay to see that. I’d pay a lot.

      But sadly the absurdly ill-named ‘real world’ has a tendency to dash our hopes.

      Best wishes


  1. “Which, like I said, he doesn’t really need.” ­čÖé
    You’re doing the Lord’s work here, Servitor (in some sort of neo-pagan, post-patriarchial sense of the term, of course.) Truly miraculous. I am so glad this site exists!

    1. Thank you, you’re very kind. The Goddess moves in mysterious ways, her wonders to perform, indeed.

      Just to be clear: Anne felt quite bad about the whole eye thing, she really did. But the therapy helped.

      Best wishes


    1. You’re very kind too, thank you Maria.

      Yes, just a boy, but the Muse does strike me from time to time, sometimes quite hard, and that does produce occasional results, despite my natural tendencies towards indolence, stupidity and other male conditions.

      Best wishes


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