Without discipline, there’s no life at all

Katharine Hepburn said that. And this [edit] is a picture of Audrey Hepburn, so the picture, like the Hepburns, is unrelated. Thanks to Downlow, low down in the comments for pointing this out. I’ll get me coat…

I’d have to say yes please. Ma’am.

“Readers” with an interest in Hollywood actresses may want to check the blog this coming Sunday. Just saying…

Don’t worry, it’s never too late to fill in any gaps in your schooling. I mean, I went to a school that didn’t have corporal punishment but look at me now.
She’s good with pain. He’s not.
Like many women, she’s discovered she doesn’t need high heels to come across as assetive and commanding.
I’m not sure she’s taking this seriously enough. She ought to have realised already that you did tell them how you felt about it, repeatedly, throughout the nine hours. Not quietly, true, but they were definitely told.
Silly Raoul. I hope he doesn’t feel too embarassed about his mistake, watching her play while busting out all over the place. Maybe she can find some way of cheering him up, in the breaks between sets.
Let the joy enter and fill your whole being.

12 thoughts on “Without discipline, there’s no life at all”

    1. Oops, so it is. But the quote is from Katharine Hepburn so I can’t just change it and pretend this never happened.

      Sigh… Oh well.

      Thank you.


  1. I am sorry sir, but that could hardly be considered a case of sexual harassment, quite the contrary.
    I mean;they striped you only to force your penis into a spiked chastity device,isn’t it? And that will prevent you from doing anything sexual, isnt?
    It would we a CASE OF ANTISEXUAL HARASSMENT,and that don’t even exist.

    1. A very good point, Maria. Males often see everything through a sexual lens – when really for women, reaming some helpless male with a sequence of massive dildoes is just a girls-having-fun-together thing, more of a laugh than anything sexual.

      Let’s hope their fun doesn’t get stopped by some killjoy over-interpreting HR rules.

      Best wishes


      1. I was setting a different example but I agree.
        Males seesee everything through a sexual lens, even if you made them wear a chastity device, which is explicitly an anti sexual thing

      2. Your example is also a good one, with an exception;what if the boy get a hard on while he is being penetrated?
        Then it would be sexual , for him

        1. Too complicated for my male brain to cope with in that case, Maria, but fortunately I understand there are tribunals and courts in which only female opinions are allowed to prevail, so the more intelligent 50% of our species’ brains can work that one out.

          Best wishes


  2. Oh Anya. I can’t believe that I am really here and that you are planning to . . . .well, whatever you are planning, lube or no lube I submit, I submit. Take me, take me. Are you actually asking me to bend over the end of your bed Goddess? How did I get lucky enough to be here?
    Sod it, these dreams are playing with my mind. All the same, I don’t think I have got it as bad as that Servitor, he seems really properly screwed up over Miss Hathaway. But bring on some more dreams with the bewitching Anya.

    1. Well, now, Melissa of course the divine Anya is a Goddess too, of course, the bringer of Joy and pain. I can be properly screwed up over more than one lady at the same time – I’m talented like that. Anya will feature here again, you can be sure of it.

      Hmm, now when’s her birthday?

      Best wishes


  3. Well, unfortunately the laws are still a bit patriarchal.
    In that case, I think that the girls should not be punished, only the boy. Maybe not a severe punishment, some service time and precautionary measures

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