Life is pain, Highness

True, that. I’ve experienced a lot of pain in my relationships with women and I can only hope and pay for more in the years to come.

The dog gets the jelly bits from the cans of food, too… it’s really not fair.
It might be quite difficult for Treasure at first, as she has such a kind personality, but with the right teacher I’m sure she’ll learn to enjoy it.
As if there was any doubt that men are pigs – look at this guy! Couldn’t he have made at least some effort with his appearance, for the most important conversation he’ll ever have?
Apparently that’s called a ‘power pose’ – makes her feel powerful and in-charge. Although frankly, even sitting down in a comfy chair with someone draped across her lap awaiting the hairbrush, she comes across as pretty in-charge to me.
Phobia play’s a lot of fun and you don’t need the complicated set-up depicted here. Claustrophobia play, for instance, can be effective using something as simple as a heavy sack and a cupboard. And with two claustrophobes, it’s more than twice as much fun.
Might start to chafe after a while.

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    1. Ah, you’ve noticed the recurrent theme, Maria. Yes, indeed I am. Although I have long admired certain aspects of the mating behaviour in some species.

      Best wishes


  1. Max, my sissy slave husband, is afraid of spiders. Last week I was at work when my PA, Emily, came in and said:

    ”Zoe, your husband is on the phone, a big spider is in the kitchen and he is scared to go too close. He wonders if he can ask Mrs. Brent, your next door neighbor, to come in and deal with it. Would that be OK?”

    ”My goodness, put him through, honey, thanks.”

    ”Max, what is this about a spider, sweetie? Now, remember what I told you? Just stay away from the kitchen for a while and when you go back in the spider will be gone. I know it upsets you, Max, but you need to be a brave sissy for me, OK?”

    ”But it is huge, goddess, I feel quite sick. Can’t I get Mrs. Brent to help?”

    ”Don’t be silly, honey. Don’t bother Mary, if you leave the spider to sort itself out, it will be OK. Spiders usually look for a safe spot out of sight. Now I have to go, honey, be brave for me. Bye sweetie.”

    Emily and I laughed at my poor sissy. So scared of a spider!!

    I have been really busy at work. The law in the Gynarchy regarding inheritance has been tightened up and this has caused a lot of sissy owners getting legal advice. My firm mainly deals with Contract Law in the Mining and Manufacturing Industries, but we do get involved with Gynarchy legal matters as we are widely known for this work.

    Up until last year a woman who only has sons could leave them an inheritance (taxed at 80%).

    This could get complicated if it involved property as males in the Gynarchy cannot own any. This would mean that the property would be inherited by the next female in the family.

    Often this would mean finding a cousin of the woman, or some other female to inherit. If no one could be found the property would be sold and the proceeds go to a named charity or the state.

    This was changed last year so that, if a woman only has sons, then any property would be sold and the proceeds would go to a named female. That opened up the possibility of a woman leaving property in her will to a female friend.

    Our job is to help a woman in those circumstances to write a will with a named female to inherit. This tightens the law in the favor of a woman who doesn’t want her money to be given to a charity or the state when she dies.

    Max’s grandma died two years ago and left him her collection of teddy bears and soft toys. His room is full of lovely cuddly toys. He loves them. Her property (along with some jewellery and money and shares) was inherited by his mommy, Veronica, and sister, Rachel.

    Max,being a sissy, could only inherit non-cash items.

    When I got home I gave Max a big fuss and a cuddle because he was such a brave boy with the spider. He really is scared of them and it was sweet that he wanted me to allow him to ask Mary Brent for help.

    He did the right thing in phoning me, such a good sissy.

    I did make Mary laugh when I told her about it. She is a good friend and her daughter, Rosie, sometimes cucksits Max.


    1. Thank you, Ms Zoe. Gynarchic financial regulations sound complicated, which is probably OK as males don’t have to understand them anyway.

      I asked my SO once about financial arrangements in case of her untimely death and she just laughed and said it was all taken care of and her sister would inherit everything. I asked ‘What about me?’ and she replied ‘Oh yes, including you.’ So I suppose that’s all right. But I do worry sometimes, as her sister doesn’t have her sweet forgiving nature.

      Best wishes


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