Pain points

These ladies like to emphasise them.

Probably best to clear two hours, there’s no point in rushing these discussions.
Oh well, if it’s complicated probably best not to inquire further. Anyway, you’re paying for this time. Let’s play!

For the avoidance of doubt, I am sure that in real life Goddess Lady Skotia plays safely and delightfully, so the widow’s fascinator (such a lovely word) is just part of the outfit. And she does look very fetching in it.

“I am her Highness’ gimp at Kew, pray tell me Sir, whose gimp are you?”
It’s Mike I feel sorry for. She might not be bothered where her shots end up but he has to run to fetch the bolts back. A fully cocked crossbow fires them at several hundred miles per hour, so they go a long way if nothing gets in the way to slow them down.

Miss Chambers from Cruella a long time ago… such a pretty nose.

That’s a bit unfair. I frequently get quite close to girls who are having real sex, sometimes under the very bed where it’s happening.
Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.

18 thoughts on “Pain points”

  1. I was in bed with my sissy husband, Max, when he asked me if we could go and have a coffee in the new Sissy Cafe in town. It was a Saturday, and I thought that might be fun.

    I have spent the last 2 months in Singapore on business and I haven’t seen Max much, except via Facetime. He had my mom stay to look after him. She told me he has been a good boy. I am pleased.

    The cafe is busy, but we get a seat and the waiter comes over. Waiters in these cafes are so obviously sissies and quite camp in there way.

    ”Ma’am, I am Adam and I am your waitperson today. Here is the usual menu, would your sissy like the sissy menu?”

    ”Sure, honey. Do you have any specials?”

    ”We have fish fingers with fries, baby burgers with sparkles and sissy sized tuna bake. I’ll let you guys choose, OK?”

    ”Anything you fancy,Max dear?”

    ”cheese salad, please goddess. I do like this place. Didn’t know there were so many sissies around, honestly!”

    We chatted about my business trip and how my mom spoiled him. She let him watch TV soaps and cuddled him and let him kiss her smelly old feet. He had a good time.

    ”Ma’am, may I have a coffee, please?”

    ”Sure, honey. Call the waitperson over.”

    Coffee is a treat for Max, he usually has weak tea or water.

    When we got home I went to my garden office, whilst Max started his chores. We had fun at the cafe.


    1. Thank you, Ms Zoe. I hope Max didn’t get over-excited as a result of the unaccustomed caffeine intake. Submissive males need to keep calm, saving all their blind panic for when they realise they have done something displeasing.

      Best wishes


  2. I was in a tutorial with my maths professor at Gynarchy University. I was doing well and was on track for a ‘First’.

    Jack Brent is a sweet man, who is a very good teacher and a sweet sissy.

    We were discussing algebra as a metaphor for life. I noticed Jack was staring at my tanned legs as I crossed them.

    ”Professor, my face is up here. I think you need some corner time. Go and stand with your nose against the wall, NOW!!!”

    Professor Jack got up and curtsied. He then went and did as he was told whilst I poured myself a coffee.

    ”You are a silly boy, Jack. You need to be more polite,OK?”

    ”Yes, Miss Zoe. Sorry Miss Zoe. May I reschedule this tutorial? I need to prepare for my lecture this afternoon.”

    ”No. Stay where you are I will speak to your Named Female about this, it is Sarah isn’t it?”

    ”Yes Miss Zoe. Her number is on the whiteboard.”

    ”Hi Sarah, it’s Zoe Sullivan. Hi. I’m with Prof Jack and have had to give him some wall contemplation time,but I need to go soon. Can you pop in and supervise him please? I think he needs another hour. Pardon? Oh, he was more interest in staring at my legs than discussing algebra. I know. Sissies are so stupid. Thanks, Sarah. Bye. Bye.”

    ”Sarah’s coming by, Jack. Stay where you are OK?”

    Sarah came in and we chatted for a while, completely ignoring Professor Jack standing with his nose against the wall.

    As I went out the door I said goodbye to Professor Jack as I heard Sarah tell him off and smack his face.

    I never feel sorry for sissies, they deserve all their little pink girlie selves get to be honest.


    1. Zoe
      Right on. Thanks.
      You definitely do not want a man who lusts after you. You don’t want to be used. Instead wish for a man who desires all of your wonderful womanhood. One who is not only enthralled by your feminine powers, but by all of you. A man who can engage in emotional relationships, not old fashion patriarchy with servitude for women. A man who greatly admires your feminine values and emotions. A man not afraid of emotions. . A world where it is a great privilege for fully matured men to serve women because Women are the givers and nurtures of life.
      A woman’s worth is beyond compare. A real man knows his place because it gives him great happiness. Don’t you agree ?

    2. There’s absolutely no reason to feel sorry for sissies, Zoe. They’re living their best lives It may not be very good, on an absolute standard, but no one ever said life had to be fair and frankly femdom would be a lot less fun if it was.

      Best wishes


  3. University life in the Gynarchy is very good for a woman. Men sometimes attend lectures but they are not allowed to answer questions. Sometimes the female lecturers will ask a boy what he thinks the answer is toa question, but he is not expected to know.

    ”OK, Derek, good boy. That was a very good attempt at an answer but I suggest you be quiet now. The girls need to concentrate.”

    When there is a male lecturer there is always a Named Responsible Female on stage at a desk. Sometimes they intervene if they think the male is going off message or is talking too long.

    ”Excuse me Mr Bennet. Please don’t do that. Keep to the subject, please. You asked Miss Jameson a question and then proceeded to talk about your holiday to illustrate why she was not correct. That is boring, Mr Bennet. Please apologise to the students and stay quiet for a time. Good sissy!”

    ”But I am lecturing on the subject of quadriplegic equations, how do I keep quiet, Miss Rebecca. Sorry Miss.”

    ”Don’t give me back chat, sissy. Just apologise then close the class. Remember to thank all the young ladies for attending and listening to you.”

    ”I am sorry class. I was wrong to tell the story about my time in Margate. I am so sorry Miss Jameson, if you want me to be punished then please speak to me after the class. Thank you ladies for attending, I am very pleased you attended. See you next week, when we will be looking at some higher mathematics including algebraic languages.”

    ”Good sissy. Oh, here comes Miss Jameson. Please kneel in front of her. Don’t dare look at her pretty legs boy.”

    ”Mr Bennet, I don’t need you to be punished. I think you know you did wrong. Just don’t speak to me in that way again. OK?”

    I enjoy the lectures by Bennet. He knows a lot about his subject and is a good communicator. The problem he has is that it is always dangerous when girls are in charge. He sometimes forgets his place, but his NRF, Rebecca, rules very strictly.

    Happy days.


    1. Yes. Men should be gently corrected. Real men will accept correction graciously. Thanks.
      You are wise.

    2. Thank you, Ms Zoe. I suspect that Mr Bennet might need a little refresher course, if he’s really teaching ‘quadriplegic equations’. That’s the trouble with men (well… one of a great many troubles): they’re fortgetful unless given frequent reminders.

      Best wishes


  4. I really love the caption about Vera’s loser club. It probably deserves the “blackmail” or “financial management” tags.

    1. It’s the age old story of women using men. Women arouse men, then make the men feel worthless so they have no will power, and then use men to get and take what they, the women want.

    2. Done, thank you Mr A. True enough… I don’t really add the tags very systematically unless it’s to label a series or one of the special ladies who feature here (‘perfection in Poznan’, ‘Beleza de Nata’, for example, or of course ‘Heart-stopping beauty’).

      But you are right, of course. Vera’s loser club isn’t there for male titilation, it’s a business and blackmail is a very serious matter. She works hard and should get the credit: tags updated.

      As you are obviously paying way too much attention, it’s probably unnecessary to suggest you might enjoy Yvonne’s Losergroup as you’ll already be all over it, so to speak, but perhaps other readers might not be aware, so I’ve linked.

      Best wishes


  5. Queen Zoe
    Will I be made to kiss your feet and be whipped into servitude to you?

  6. Caption 1: Damn, idiot should have thought harder about what she meant before speaking. Now he got her thinking of reasons to whoop his ass. Let’s hope he at least didn’t give Jenny or another mistress backchat, or getting too friendly with one of them. Maybe she’ll go easy on him.

    1. True, Squaw, but if men were better at thinking, the world of femdom would be a lot less violent and fun. We have women around for that sort of thing and I for one wouldn’t want to change that.

      Best wishes


  7. Hey! Love your content.
    Could you do some more that are involving blackmail? And maybe line writing at the same time?
    I would love to see something like that!

    1. Thank you, FDfollower.

      I do those from time to time, I’ll ask the muse if she can strike me that way a bit more often.

      Best wishes


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