Implausible truth can serve one better than plausible fiction

Attentive ‘readers’ will recognise the magnificent Mistress Eleise, of course. Her web site, alas, seems not to have been updated since 2019, so this might be as close as you’re ever going to get.

The presence of Lady Sophia Black, on the right there, brings to two the number of extraordinarily beautiful and creative dommes who are now retired, in today’s post. If you missed out on both Mistress Eleise and Lady Sophia then… well, I’m afraid you face a lifetime of sadness and regret. Sorry and all that, but there it is… you can at least be happy for me that I managed to meet them both. Several times. Does that help? Anyway, fortunately, Lady Lola, on the left, appears still to be active and I’m sure will give you a ballet lesson to remember, if you ask very very nicely.

7 thoughts on “Implausible truth can serve one better than plausible fiction”

  1. Fun series, as always. I wouldn’t call the one in the restaurant implausible…

    1. True enough. It is at least fairly rare, in purely vanilla life – except, obviously, to people like me who genuinely are truly lousy fucks and need to be made to apologise in person. But even in my case, it hasn’t happened more than twice – three times, if I count our wedding ceremony, I suppose (or nine, counting separately each time I had to mention it on that day… you know, I still doubt it should really be allowed into the official church service but who am I to say?).

      I’ve often thought the test of whether a reader truly is the pathetic little worm, that we humiliation freaks dream of being, is if they read one of my captions and think “Yeah – so?”.

      Many thanks for your comment.

      Best wishes


  2. There were two news reports from the Gynarchy recently which caused a lot of comment in the western press.

    The first concerned a woman who whipped her foot boy so severely that he was hospitalized. The wretch had been worshipping his Named Females feet as she kissed her boyfriend. The guy said something amusing and she laughed.

    The problem was the sissy laughed too.

    ”How dare you laugh at a joke a superior has made. You will be whipped for that sissy”.

    In the gynarchy this was reported as an amusing end piece on news bulletins, most felt sympathy with the woman and understood why she was so upset. Some would say that she ran a household where discipline was lacking.

    My friends often make jokes and Max, my sissy husband, would never join in laughter, he know the consequences of such rudeness.

    The second incident was a report of a fire at a shoe factory where only the females who were injured were mentioned in the news report. 92 men died in the fire!

    The news report said, ”Today there was a fire at a shoe factory in River City in the northern province of the Gynarchy. Three women had minor injuries and they were all treated at the scene. The factory will be closed for some time as repairs are made. In other news……”

    Many in the Gynarchy were shocked that this report had caused such widespread comment in the West.

    A governnmet spokeswoman issued this statement:
    ”We don’t comment on subhuman sissy slaves who work with us in factories, shops and offices. Our viewers are mostly women of high status and they do not want or need to be informed about the plight of the lower species. It was reported in the print media that several workers died, unfortunately. Our thoughts and prayers go with their Named Responsible Females at this time. A slave buying exercise will begin soon to replace the workers who died.”

    When I read these two reports I didn’t think either were controversial. It would have surprised me and most of my friends if they were reported in any other way.
    Happy days in the Gynarchy.


    1. Ah, Ms Zoe, I can only sympathise wsith the sissy whipped for laughing. It happens to me too… unless of course, it turns out to have been one of those times I was supposed to laugh and not to do so would be insulting to my SO. I can’t claim it’s difficult to tell the two occasions apart, obviously, as the whipping usually makes it very clear, but it can be confusing for my poor male brain.

      Sympathy too to the female owners of the shoe factory, sounds like they lost a lot of valuable property.

      Best wishes


  3. cap 1: “please mam, I need this job. I’ll offer to clean your feet since they smell. I’ll do anything.”

    cap 2: Some people would think he must be getting paid handsomely to want to endure such humiliation. But its not just the fat paycheck. You see, he messed up one too many times, being tardy, not hitting his quota’s, and pissed her off. So she black balled him, ensuring no one within 100 miles would ever hire him. Its easy to see why he was so quick to accept being her bitch knowing that.

    1. Yes, Squaw, the world of work can be a difficult environment for those setting off into it with little in the way of marketable skills. I recently had to relaunch my career in a different direction (specifically: downwards) and when asked about my IT skills I explained that I spent much of every day in front of a computer and I set out in great detail – too much detail, in retrospect – what I was usually doing there. Turns out jobs for Internet masturbators are few and far between, which rather devalues my years of experience in the area.

      Best wishes


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