Uncontrolled devotion

Develop the habit of cringing in terror early enough and everything else pretty much follows.
My SO recently bought a trophy cabinet, so she must be expecting to win something. I asked her what and she just laughed and said it was going to be a surprise. It could be anything, really… I mean she’s good at so many things.
You just have to tell him you’re not doing it any more, that’s all. Stand up for yourself. Be a ma- anyway, stand up for yourself.
If you do have any questions ask now, because when the procedure starts you’ll be screaming much too hard to get any intelligible words out. It’s important that you understand the details of the procedure, as it’s much more fun for them that way.
I’ve got a skilful tongue too – just ask the toilet seat.
He is seriously rich – might even try to bribe them not to go through with it. But they’re professionals: he booked them for four full days of severe school discipline and they’re determined to give him his money’s worth.

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  1. “Courts ruled today in favor of one Russel Stevens who was held prisoner for 4 days by prostitutes he hired for a “School Discipline Roleplay”. In addition to kidnapping charges the women were also ordered to repay the money, plus the ordered payment from the civil suit of £20000 each.

    It appears however that things will be settled largely outside of official judicial channels, the 6 women will be ordered to attend the “School”, and be subject to whatever disicipline Mr. Stevens sees fit, for 3 months, free of charge of course. The 6 women, whose names will be withheld for privacy reasons accepted these terms after being threatened with a 10 year sentence. Mr. Stevens also won the right to stream the entire ordeal, with viewers able to pay £20 for multi-camera feeds”

    1. Or, since this IS a femdom site, I’ll offer an alternative that fits the vibes better.

      Following 4 days of his own personal hell, bent over a desk with his school skirt lifted to show his brutally black and blue rear end, the 6 women had finally taken him up on his offer of paying double.

      Mere seconds after he transferred the money however, his would be “Schoolgirls” informed him that they could now afford to spend even more time with him, weeks more in fact. With no shortage of embarrassing photos to blackmail him with(on top of the obvious stigma that woupd follow him should it come out that he had paid 6 women to dress as schoolgirls and be abused) he found that his investment in the bespoke school setup waz worthwhile afterall, every weekend he would return to tormented, paying 3 times the normal rate for the “privilege” of their stern discipline(and his tenuous privacy)

      1. Quite right, Mr A. Many thanks, at least for the second version.

        Attentive ‘readers’ of this blog will have noticed that, although female submissives are occasionally celebrated here (especially cunning little lesbian maids eagerly seeking to frame ‘that revolting male slave you own, Mistress’ to get him thrashed or worse), maledom does not feature.

        The sole exception – as you so skillfully managed – is when it leads to tables being turned (and preferably the males involved then being bent over those tables to await their just desserts or better yet, strapped down onto them and prepped for surgery).

        Of course, there’s nothing wrong with fantasy. I have no objection at all to men who like to dream of taking a woman across their knee for a spanking, or even imagine playing out some kind of rough sex game. I suppose it gives them something pleasant to think about while pulling carts, handwashing panties, or writing lines, after all.

        Best wishes


        1. Thanks for the captions as always, I’ll keep my maledom writings to more appropriate places, my apologies

          1. Oh, I’ve no objection to maledom fantasies in their proper place: namely, a re-education camp run by jack-booted females sporting whips and cattleprods.

            Best wishes


  2. It takes about 29 days to take an habit.
    29 days of torture, with spikes and electricity, for example

    1. ‘Break’ a habit, perhaps Maria?

      Yes, it sounds like that should do it. Most things would surely be irreparably broken after that kind of treatment, quite likely including habits.

      Best wishes


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