Sorely mistaken

She enjoys a good laugh – and a good ballbusting, too. Sometimes she likes to enjoy them both together but today she seems to be in a more serious frame of mind.
If you don’t even have to pay for Option B, then I reckon it’s the deal of the century. I pay hundreds of pounds an hour for that.
It’s a dilemma. I’m sure they’ll do the right thing, in the end.
Aren’t males disgusting? No wonder he’s not allowed in the house.
You should be brave and go first, even if it is a bit dark and eerie. Don’t worry: she’ll be right behind you.

With apologies to those readers who aren’t really cellar fans.

She has to deal with so much nonsense…. you can’t imagine.There are some very sick websites out there that will just make up all kinds of hurtful stuff with no basis in reality, especially about a big star like Ann(i)e.

6 thoughts on “Sorely mistaken”

  1. Thwack!! ”One. Thank you, goddess.”

    Max, my sissy slave husband has been a good boy. However, he has got into the bad habit of showing off in front of our friends.

    Thwack!! ”ouch!! Two. Thank you, ma’am ooohh.”

    Last nigh I had a few friends over for drinks and chocolate cake. I was pleased to allow Max to join us in his skirt and blouse combo and chat freely.

    Thwack!! ”Three. mmmmmmff. Thank you, oh goddess.”

    I find it amusing to see how my sweet sissy navigates conversations about politics and wokeness and the prices going up and parking in town.

    Thwack!!. ”Four. Thank you, goddess.”

    My friend, Amy, asked Max what he thought of Trump and his trial that is all over the news at the moment.

    He said that he thought he was an innocent man and the best President who ever there was.

    Thwack!! Thwack!! ”Five. Thank you, thank you. Ouch, goddess.”

    This was an unauthorised opinion. We have never talked about Trump, and Max doesn’t see any news or comments programme on TV or read any newspaper in order to get an opinion. His reply was pure bravado and very annoying.

    Thwack!!!. ”Six. Thank you goddess.”

    ”Max, honey, why have you been caned today?”

    ”Oh, most high goddess, I was silly and said something precocious and unauthorised to Goddess Amy about Trump. Sorry, ma’am.”

    ”You are generally a good boy, but when there are pretty women around you go all ”macho” and ”alpha.” You must understand that you are neither, you are my precious sissy. OK?”

    ”I am sorry, ma’am.”

    ”So, what are you going to do now, honey?”

    ”I will use my ”Pretty Kitty” notepaper and write an apology to Goddess Amy. I will show you before I send it to her, ma’am. I am sorry, I am a sissy not a ”man”.”

    And so it was so.


    1. Thank you, Ms Zoe. It just goes to show why males should not have the vote – or be allowed to stand for President. I’m not saying all female leaders are better than all male ones – my own home country experienced the excitingly-named but otherwise disastrous Liz Truss, after all – but why take the risk?

      Best wishes


  2. After a caning I like to let Max kneel between my legs as I cuddle him and sooth him.

    On this occasion, after he was caned I sat at the kitchen island on a high stool. I was sweating and really hot from the exertion and had just a silk robe on as I sipped coffee and checked my emails on my cell.

    Max knelt, with his head on my belly and his arms behind his back.
    I don’t like wandering hands as it is far too intimate.

    ”Shh,,shh..aww poor babe! Don’t cry honey, it is over now. You were a silly sissy, now you will learn a lesson. OK?”

    ”Thank you, goddess. I am sorry I said a silly thing to goddess Amy. I wasn’t thinking straight, ma’am.”

    I kissed the top of his head.

    ”Good sissy. Just lay still on my tum-tum.”



    1. Sounds like little Maxie learned his lesson, Ms Zoe. But then it always does, doesn’ t it? And then you are back with another tale of him screwing up.

      Males and their brains, eh? What can you do? It’s like domming a goldfish.

      Best wishes


  3. Have you seen the recent Vanity Fair cover story pics of Ms. Anne? One has her in latex…

    1. Already seen and perved over, many thanks Jaywoof.

      But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy to be inspired by your comment to go and look at them again. Paltego featured them too on Femdom Resource and we discussed a little in the comments how some of the shots do seem to fail to capture the divine Annie’s ethereal beauty and grace in quite the way one might expect. Which is obviously the (presumably) male photographer’s fault. Taking a photo of Goddess Annie and managing to make her not look sublimely elegant is quite the feat of brazen incompetence, even for a male… kind of like photographing a cheetah and somehow making it look slow and dawdling, or photographing the ocean and making it look bone-dry. Not that all of the photos are like that – many are very wonderful, so the photographer must have had female guidance for those, possibly even from the divine Herself.

      I’ll admit I couldn’t do any better. If I tried to take a photo of Ms Hathaway my hands would be shaking so much, it would just be a blur. But a blur of Annie Hathaway, so still wonderful, obviously.

      Best wishes


      PS: for anyone wondering, yes: Annie. She has spoken.

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