Imperial leather

More captions from a bygone age. Several bygone ages. But all featuring enchanting unfairness from the fairer sex.

One does.
Curiously, as a result of these two ladies taking their roles slightly further than he had anticipated, the ‘genleman’ in question was late for a meeting of the British Cabinet at which a fateful decision was taken that, had he been able to attend, he would have counselled against and thus avoided the siege of Khartoum and all the unpleasantness that stemmed therefrom. But Luce and Eliza got paid and that’s the important thing.
Forgive her Father, but not just yet if you don’t mind.
Albert, of course, died tragically young – an outcome for which the young queen was in no way responsible. So please don’t ask her how he actually died, she prefers not to think of the night in question. Nor was it in any way connected to the form of penile implant that was subsequently named after her late consort. Historians are quite clear on that and to suggest otherwise is technically treason, even today. Interestingly, the practice of ‘queening’ may well have been named after Victoria, although the suggestion to rename it ‘queen-empressing’ after 1877 never really caught on.
I think Kitty might need to comfort her quite soon, as she seems quite affected by the sight, the poor delicate thing.
Not compensations every time, but certainly compensations.

4 thoughts on “Imperial leather”

  1. The Prince Albert piercing is in fact named after Queen Victoria’s son, later king under the regnal name Edward.

    1. Ah yes, so it was. The whole concept of ‘regnal names’ is one that has fallen into disuse, alas. Charles could have been anything; such a lover of absudist comedy like The Goons could have become King Eccles the First. Or from Monty Python, Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F’tang-F’tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel. A missed opportunity.

      Still, we’re more civilised than other countries. They often cut their kings’ heads off, we just stick rods through their penises.

      Many thanks for the historical observation and best wishes.


      1. Perhaps had Chuck been pierced and fitted with some custom jewelry we never would have had any of the troublesome business with the marriage.

        On a serious note: it’s bizarre that Charles chose not to use a regnal name, as there’s really no worse choice (other than John) if one wants to appear a potential tyrant. However, that actually seems to be part of Charles’ popular appeal: one of the wealthiest men in the world promising to meddle in the affairs of governments to which he categorically cannot be elected. What fun. How Brilliantly British.

        1. Yeah, we Brits have problems with that class of people. There used to be a well-crafted solution involving firm nannies, strict governesses, savage beatings at boarding school followed by sexless marriages but alas most of that has gone out of fashion or underground these days. But perhaps one day the good times will return.

          Best wishes


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