We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope

So true. Martin Luther King said that and if I’m honest (I’m not, in general – see the disclaimer to the side of the blog, there), he was probably talking about something other than femdom chastity regimes. But you never know.

You did bring the Travel Scrabble, right?

This is the lovely Little Caprice, most of whose oeuvre is unsuitable for viewing by the omega-males who read this blog (and I had to crop the image above to make it suitable) so don’t go googling her, OK?

One of the great joys of teaching is helping the pupils come to realise that they can achieve anything they set their minds to, if they are determined enough.
Don’t worry about being late, I’m sure they’ll be very understanding. Just get in there and do what you came to do.
I read somewhere that one of the many Femsuprem parties now contending for power intends to require all locksmiths to register their businesses and to log all requests for replacement keys in a central database. Seems a bit draconian, but then so, I suppose, are the plans to send sexists to prison camps staffed by whip-wielding guardresses in tight-fitting leather uniforms. And no one’s complaining about that…. no one who matters, anyway.
Of course, if she does actually want you to suffer, that might be counter-productive, but I suppose it’s worth a go.
He found life a bit difficult, after the OWK closed down, I heard. But he wouldn’t change a thing, if he had it all to do it again.

13 thoughts on “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”

  1. She pleases, then teases, then abuses, and then seizes you. And you know it’s all your fault.

  2. Thanks for nothing Servitor. I googled “Little Caprice”, got a blocked page, my wife’s phone dinged and now I’m in trouble!

    I don’t know what she is angry about, the pic you posted looks so sweet and innocent, I’m sure all the pics of her are SFW.

    1. Interesting. So you have some kind of app that warn her if you look some kind of unapproved content?
      How it works? She let you look this site?

    2. Does she knows that there are chastity belts that can warn her if you have a hard on?

      1. A truly effective femme fatale is very subtle and is far more effective than she who uses the blunt bulldozer approach.

  3. Yes.. I recibe a SMS every time his dick moves.
    I don’t know if there are ones that comes standard, but is something that can be easily added.
    And today you can easily integrate it with other devices, like a camera.

    1. Well, it has to be a bigger cage I suppose. The one that allows a significant grow – then the switch turns on whatever You want.

      1. Not much bigger, just a bit.
        And is not a switch, is a tubes around the cock, connected to a pressure sensor, that is linked to his phone, which really take the pic and send the message.
        This way it can detect much smaller variations than a switch (also clenches, for example)

  4. A thin silicone (or similar) tube , connected to a pressure sensor , and placed around the penis.
    As it is trapped between the cock and the chastity device, if the penis change it’s size, or moves, the tube internal pressure changes, and it is detected.

  5. Thank you both. Looks like Little Caprice has set something off there, as no doubt is very often the case.

    Best wishes


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