Treat you with a vengeance

From a song by the lovely Toyah. She once interviewed the strange, rather disturbing but oddly exciting Miss Martindale, of Aristasia fame, you know.

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You might want to keep it handy; I sense it’s going to be one of those days.
Keep calm, she’s a professional, she does this all day.
Hope you like dust.
The key is to listen to both sides of the story, then ignore whatever the male said. After that, it should be easy enough to get both sides to agree who was at fault and on the appropriate course of action.
The easy way was difficult, but this is – oddly – going to go a lot more smoothly. She’s quite determined, so that’s that.
Don’t be such a wimp. Don’t you trust her?

2 thoughts on “Treat you with a vengeance”

  1. I remember Toyah interviewing the C.P. artist Paula who did the drawings for Janus and was for a period the editor of Februs. It wasn’t a great interview and Toyah was a little dismissive of both Paula’s drawings and spanking in general. In an issue of Februs a little later Paula had included a picture of her spanking Toyah in a T.V. studio.

  2. Capt.4 you don’t need to listen to the male.
    Men lie, but their cocks don’t, if it gets hard, he consent

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