Grimm tales

More fairy-themed fantasy folly.

A fairy grants you wishes three / So never wish to buggered be / For if you do ’twill come to pass / And you must take it up the arse.
Actually, the female sensibility that men have for centuries maligned as ‘witchcraft’ is really just about being more in touch with nature, more attuned to the rhythms of the natural world. Men find that hard to understand, but a few years spent living as a toad can help.
She could have just learnt to do ventriloquism but this seemed a lot easier.
You could wish to taste particularly yummy? That would make her happy. You want to make her happy, don’t you?
Again, it’s a lot easier this way. I mean, have you ever tried to assemble any of the human furniture IKEA sells? Nightmare.
Don’t worry, she’ll probably get bored after a billion years or two.

13 thoughts on “Grimm tales”

  1. ”Excuse me, Mr Trickle, why aren’t you carrying my books?”

    ”I’m sorry, Miss Zoe, I didn’t realise I had to carry them all day. I thought it was just in the morning, to my lesson.”

    ”You are assigned this week to carry my bags and books all day. You are tiresome, Mr Trickle. What are you going to do now?”

    ”Where are your books, Miss Zoe?”

    ”In the Science Block, Lab 2B. Hurry or the next lesson will start and you will have to interrupt Miss Grey. You really don’t want to do that.”

    Mr Trickle is such a sweet man, but he is so forgetful. Yesterday, he was late meeting me at the school entrance to take my gym bag, my school bag and my water bottle. I had to carry them all to my first lesson.

    It was so annoying. He did learn his lesson though, after a slap to his face.

    ”Thank you Mr Trickle. Put them beside my chair. Then you can start the lesson.”

    The other fifteen girls were having similar conversations with various male teachers and school sissy slaves. It was quite noisy, then we all settled on the lesson, as the males scurried off to serve in other classrooms.

    Happy Days.


    1. Mr Trickle is another teacher with a most unfortunate name. I do hope the girls don’t make his life too hard over it.

      Best wishes


  2. Sissy woke and realised that he was standing next to a coffee cup on the kitchen island. It didn’t occur to him that this was strange, it just felt natural. Everything around him was gigantic.

    Then he remembered his wife’s warning about back chat, especially to her mother. Foolishly he had ignored her warnings and let his mouth take over his brain and make cheeky remarks to Monica, Alice’s mother, his mother in law.

    There had been whispers and giggles and a spell was cast by Monica ”Ex cu mander te little man singa ley follo.”

    Being shrunk was a pleasant experience, it felt good to Sissy. Even when Monica lifted him up and sat him down next to the giant marmalade jar, he was happy.

    He was hungry by now and wanted to ask for a drink and maybe some cake. He was shocked that his voice was high pitched and squeaky. This caused his wife, Alice, and her mother to break down in giggles.

    ”Aww poor Sissy. Here let me get a plate and you can have some leftover corn flakes with a bit of milk. It#s OK we have both spat in it for extra flavour.”

    ”Thanks babe, you are the best.”

    ”Mom, he seems very happy as a 6 inch little man. Maybe we can let him live like this for a while, what do you think?”

    ”Good idea. He can live in that old hamster cage that isn’t needed anymore. Make a tiny bed up, keep the little wheel for exercise.”

    ”What about his job?”

    ”Well, he has a week off anyway, maybe decide on Sunday. Oh look the cat has jumped onto the table. Come here Tiddles.”

    Tiddles looked at Sissy, sniffed him and gave him a swipe with his paw. Sissy fell over and ran behind the vase of flowers.

    ”Oh look, he is hiding. How cute is that. Wait until the children come home from school. Oh look, Tiddles has jumped off the island and ran out into the garden.”

    ”Sissy, come here I want to talk. Now if you are a good little man I will get mummy to reverse the spell, OK? First, I need you to acknowledge your naughtiness in giving her back chat, yes?”

    ”I am sorry Monica, I was wrong to be so cheeky. I wasn’t thinking. Can I ask a question, please?”

    ”Of course, Sissy.”

    ”I would like to stay shrunk for a while. Explore the house, maybe snuggle up to you at night. Be a little ”man pet”for a while. Can I?”

    That was six months ago. He still lives as a little man.

    I have a new man in my life, called Alex.

    Happy giantess days.


    1. Thank you, Ms Zoe.

      They do say that smaller men have to work much harder and I suspect that may well be true.

      Best wishes


  3. ”What are you doing under the table, Sissy?”

    ”I am sorry, honey, but I was exploring. Do you know how high this table is. It is enormous.”

    ”Silly boy. You are tiny, the table is normal. Let me lift you onto my lap as I drink my coffee. Good boy.”

    Sissy looks so cute in his little blue dress and white socks. His hair has grown long and he looks just like a little doll. All my friends love seeing him among the cups on the table. He is so tiny!!

    ”What are you doing, Sissy?”

    ”I was just putting my head against your boobs, babe.”

    ”Aww, so cute. But, I am not your ”babe” anymore honey. You are my pet, you should call me ”goddess”. We have discussed this, honey, please remember. I am ”babe” to a real man, you know that.”

    ”Yes, goddess. Can I snuggle into your boobs, please?”

    ”Of course, honey. You snuggle away.”



  4. -But I don’t understand
    -just say it. Do it and I will be yours-said the naked woman, touching his cock
    -but is a nonsense
    -forget it-she said and began to dress again
    -ok, ok…*I accept to live an eternal torture , i exchange of you having enought power and money to bring gynarchy to this world*
    -good boy-said the woman
    -SACRIFICE ACCEPTED – said a terrible voice that seemed to come from nowhere

  5. She was so extremely desirable that real men were cut down and sacrificed all for her.

  6. There are those rare women who are so intoxicating that all you can do is think about them all the time. You feel you exists for her. Her whim is your command. Her pleasure is your pleasure. You are under her spell.
    Such joy! Have you met such women ?

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