Foolish things

As often as she likes, obviously. Which is quite often.
Perhaps her mistress will come to see the advantages in having a male around. Maybe get one herself; I understand they’re very cheap to keep, they needn’t be irritating if they are permanently gagged and after all, she’s got a sub to make sure the nasty thing washes itself frequently.
It’s silly to complain about the taste: I mean, it’s not her fault the company that produces the shaving foam makes it so unpleasant, is it? Write them a letter if you’re so upset about it: I’m sure she’d buy you a stamp.
How could anyone be frightened of a sweet, harmless little creature like her?
It was a blonde joke, wasn’t it? ‘How many blonde nurses does it take to change an obnoxious man’s sexist attitudes’… was that it?
Seems a bit easier than the game of “Guess what implement’s next” that my SO likes to play with me strapped down over the whipping bench. I’m rubbish at it: I don’t think I’ve been right once in what must be over 20 tries, even though she gives me a choice between only two each time. No matter what I say, it’s always the other one. That’s odds of 2^20 against… over a million to one! Pretty unlucky… but as she likes to say, meeting her was such a lucky thing for me, I don’t deserve any more luck ever again, and of course I can’t argue with logic like that.

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  1. ”Max, what are you doing?”

    ”Goddess, I am on my knees to worship your feet.”

    ”Do you have permission to do that, dear?”

    ”Well, you allowed it last night.”

    ”Last night I was feeling generous, Today I have had a hellish commute. The train was hot and crowded. There were leery, awful men and I got my bottie smacked and my feet trod on. I am not in a good mood, honey.”

    ”I am so sorry, ma’am.”

    ”OK. before you kiss each foot give five reasons why it is unique. Five different reasons for each foot, OK?”

    ”Yes, ma’am. May I start?”

    ”You may. Oh wait! Fetch the cane first.”

    Max fetched the cane, presented it to me and began kissing my left foot.

    ”Goddess, your left foot is very pretty, it smells of sweet perfume, it is strong and the toes are perfect.”

    Thwack!! ”One. Thank you Ma’am. owww.”

    ”One more, you only listed four things. Dumkopf!”

    ”It is beautiful in it’s nude pantyhose, goddess.”

    Thwack!!! ”Two owwwww. Thank you goddess.”

    ”Aww sweet sissy. Now my right foot. Five different reasons to the five you just gave, OK?”

    ”Yes, goddess. Your right foot, ma’am is pretty in it’s pantyhose, it smells of summer flowers, the toes are exquisite, it has a beautiful tan and the toe are perfect with their red polish. I worship your feet, goddess.”

    Thwack!! ”Three. Thank you goddess.”

    Thwack!!! ”Four. Thank you goddess. owww!!!”

    ”Good sissy. You may go and start preparing supper, I am going for a shower to clean my stinky feet.”

    ”Yes, ma’am. Thank you ma’am.”


    1. Thank you Ms Zoe

      Maxie’s very proper attention to each of your feet reminds me of a twitter* account I’ve occasionally encountered devoted solely to the left foot of the astonishing and exciting Goddess Serena: I suppose the point being that, like any male, he is in no position to worship or even mention the entire Goddess, but one foot alone is all he can cope with. A sentiment I would share.

      I have myself in fact had the privilege of encountering Goddess Serena’s left foot and it is indeed one of the loveliest things on the planet, as is the rest of her: mind, body and soul.

      Best wishes


      * I understand we are supposed to call twitter ‘X’ these days, but I can never remember how to spell that.

  2. ”Hey, babe, how are you this morning? I will have one slice of toast with my coffee, OK?”

    ”Yes, ma’am. May I ask about my chastity release?”

    ”Oh, not this again. Whatever is the matter with you. I promised that after last year’s total abstinence that this year you would have release regularly. How much has it been since January?”

    ”Sorry Goddess. January was zero as you were in Bali and New York. February, once, at the start of the month. I was released for fifteen minutes only. March twice, ten minutes each. April zero and tomorrow is the first of May. Please ma’am, I am desperate.”

    ”OK. Let me think. I just need to reply to this email on my cell, honey. Go and check the bedroom is tidy. Put away the blouse I tried on this morning. Hurry, don’t be gormless.”

    ”Ma’am. Please can I be released for a while, maybe an hour?”

    ”What? An hour? No, babe. That is too long. Look, tonight I am going out straight from work. I have a few minutes now before I have to go to work. Go get the key, honey.”

    ”Oh thank you goddess.”

    Max hands me the key to his chastity. I keep it on a hook in a cupboard under the stairs. He knows if he opens the door an alarm is sounded on my cellphone. I unlock his chastity. His poor c**k looks so delicate and very sore. I let him kneel by my feet as I finish my coffee. He can play with it but not ”cum”.

    ”Stand Max. It has been twenty minutes. Let me lock you up again. Good sissy!! You are a sweet boy. Happy now?”

    ”Yes, goddess. Thank you, goddess. Twenty minutes is amazing, goddess.”

    I stand and grab my bag as I head off to work. Lots of contracts to look at, lots of busyness.


    1. It’s good of you to take a few minutes out of your busy day to see to Maxie’s dubious ‘needs’ Ms Zoe. My own SO is generally much too busy with more important things and I fully respect that – the last time I was due to be unlocked, for instance, there were some advertising flyers that had come through the door that she wanted to look through, so of course she had to prioritise.

      Best wishes


  3. She was an overwhelmingly desirable woman. I couldn’t help follower her as she led me to her hidden room. After what seemed like endless hours of tease and denial with her pussy, I was completely broken. I obeyed her as if in a trance. I feel I don’t exists, only she does. I’ll do anything for her.

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