Who would’ve cared at all

Not her.

She did say she wouldn’t do anything to embarass you – and she won’t. No need, when you’re embarassing yourself so effectively.

Seems very businesslike. But then it’s best not to personalise what is, after all, a purely impersonal business arrangement as far as she’s concerned.
If we’re honest, it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference whether he tries to be brave or not. But it’s nice of her to ask.

Lovely Mistress Mina. And lovely someone else, too.

It’s good she’s got you to help take her anger away.
Some subs find hypothetical questions like this difficult but they’re actually not as difficult as the non-hypothetical ones that have immediate practical relevance, I find.
She’s very concerned about his health, she’s even been reading up online about medical conditions that affect the elderly.

11 thoughts on “Who would’ve cared at all”

  1. Pic . 6. – That is amazing. Yesterday I had a hypothetical question about my tattoo… I am not a tattoo fan…

    1. I am not a tattoo fan either – rather a lot of dommes these days seem to be extensively inked and I’m afraid it’s not my thing. Of course, I don’t get to decide what ladies do to their own skin or – obviously – mine.

      The wonderful photo in 6 is occasionally mislabelled on the Internet as being Anna Nicole Smith but is in fact a fashion photoshoot starring Natasha Poly. All pics here: https://whathappensinvegasstaysinvegas.wordpress.com/2008/05/27/gold-diggers/

      Well… starring Natasha Poly and some old geezer whose heart probably gave out towards the end of the shoot. Lucky old bastard… what a way to go.

      So she’s not actually the gold-digger depicted in the shoot; in fact the millionaire businessman she married in real life is a mere 16 years older than her.

      Best wishes


      1. Ah, yes. But obviously not obvious, at least to me. But then I’m a bit dim. I thought you were just making two unrelated points in one paragraph. It’s not unknown.

        Best wishes


  2. 1st caption: Honestly, I think he was more afraid of what she’d do to him if he didn’t willingly humiliate himself. But hey, I can see her nipples getting hard. So maybe she gets turned on seeing him dressed like a sissy.

    1. She’s certainly enjoying it, Squaw, I’ll give you that. But not everything’s about sex, you know. In fact, almost nothing is if you take the femdom lifestyle sufficiently seriously.

      And those nipples are only in your mind, as you very well know. Have you considered consulting someone about this condition? A professional disciplinarian, for instance? I’m sure she’d have something to say about it.

      Best wishes


      1. I haven’t yet. But man those nipples do seem awfully hard I gotta admit. I of course wouldn’t dare tell her that.

  3. The first time, I was surprised that cute little cap would actually fit up there. I’m still not sure it is strictly necessary but Mistress says better safe than sorry and who am I to argue.

    1. It can be surprising what you can fit into – and what can fit into you – with a sufficiently determined Mistress, Mr A.

      Best wishes


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