Domestic violence

I want readers of this blog to be quite clear: I am totally opposed to domestic violence.  Luckily for me, She isn’t.

She’s not a morning person.  Nor was he before he got married, come to think of it.

Jean and Roger are pretty cool, for a couple in their late 70s, huh?

Mnemonics very easily make juvenile subbies utterly nervous.

I suppose a tip is out of the question?
 The wonderful Lexi Sindel of course, who can be observed from a suitably safe distance at English Mansion and Femdom Empire, amongst other places.

Divorce can be a painful process.

0 thoughts on “Domestic violence”

  1. He has nothing to worry about as long as violent enraged men includes those who answer back or raise their voices. Femsup

  2. Ah now, personally I think neutering would be a little extreme as a response to that sort of behaviour. I don't think that would be appropriate.

    But then, my opinion is not the one that matters, and She's with you on this one, Femsup.

  3. My SO came up with a good mnemonic the other day, actually. All the different rules I have to obey at all times happen to spell out the word FFGMYYSEFCAJUOENEHYIRREALPOOVHINTEDOIMNFTEAQJUVEASLIYNESSPJUVGELKKNRDIPBKLRDJV DYYFJKDUDOIOEKOPPTH. I just have to remember that and what it stands for and I won't be punished so often. She's thoughtful like that.

  4. Completely unrelated question: Where is the gadget for your dynamic blogroll available? I can't seem to find one anywhere whenever I've looked.

  5. You mean the 'my blog list' thingy? That's just standard tools from the ordinary blogger page design. I've had it since day 1 (and believe me, I have no technical computer skills whatsoever). The only even slightly non-standard thing I have is the Lucky Dip feature, which I found out how to do somewhere or other…

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