A decade of decadence

This blog started on January 26 2011.  So it has been almost ten years… and here’s me, with so much ironing still to do.

Nonetheless, it’s true: this blog has been wasting everyone’s time (well… the time of an infinitesimal fraction of the human race) since that long-ago date, with a post titled “Why are we here?”, the answer to which remains obscure 1318 posts later.

I hadn’t originally expected to focus on captioned images.  A couple of years before, I had visited a domme for the first time; a lady who was to be the only domme I visited for the next three years.  She has now retired and has a vanilla profession so I will say nothing to identify her.  At the end of my first – wonderful, life-changing – session she instructed me to write an account of the session, for her web site, which I did and I was immensely proud when she published it.  It became a habit, and after a while I also started writing short fiction stories to send her.  I think she did genuinely like most of them.

Anyway, I set up the web site to publish those stories, along with any random wittering that might occur to me.  I did put up most of them – if you are interested, the easiest way to see them is to download the pdf collections using the ‘Servitor’s femdom stories’ links to the right, there.  My wonderful Lady and her lesbian partner feature in them too, under the pseudonyms of Valerie and Sandra.  This one perhaps gives the most lifelike impression of her: Take me to your Mistress.  But this is my favourite, because of the way it shows the relationship between the two of them: The elves and the dominatrices.    

I very soon started producing captioned images as well as stories and… now I’ve published just over 5000 such images, horrifyingly enough.  I do occasionally still write stories, but more often when something appears as a story on this blog it’s just a caption that became unfeasibly long.  I have over 2000 unpublished captioned images and I produce anything up to another 100 each month, so it’s not stopping any time soon.

So… a great deal of drivel has been produced – and more of it to come.  I’m going to put up some of my favourite drivel over the next few days.  

We’ll begin with some of the silliest.  I get the impression that the silly ones that make me giggle aren’t the most popular.  I don’t mind.  I like silly.  I love to behave in a foolish manner in session and get slapped for it.  Let’s get the silliest over with, then it’ll get more sensible as we move towards the actual deciversary (deci-anniversary?).



I love this one.  Not just because of the latex-clad lovelies, although they help a lot, it’s true.



Lovely Lexi Sindel.

kind of writing is obviously inspired by the Far Side.  I do that a
lot.  I realise it’s nothing like as funny as the Far Side – and incomparably more
perverted – but inspired from there nonetheless.

See? Again: like Gary Larson but with added obscenity and subtracted wit.

I’ve always liked this one.  Sadly, neither of the UK’s two new aircraft carriers will be called HMS Cindy, although I did hear that former President Trump frantically tried to name one of the new US super-carriers the USS Svetlana, for reasons presumably known only to him and the Russian intelligence services.

Very Far Side.  Plus testicles.

What a lovely smile.  Two lovely smiles.

Sorry about that…couldn’t resist.

‘Oops’ has to be right up there near the top of the list of ‘words you don’t want to hear in session’ . ‘Tarantula’ would be above it, for me anyway.

Would probably have been included in Rule 18 if I’d been doing that back when I made this.

Ooh… edgy.  Self-referential and self-loathing too!

I quite like mocking session conventions (see Advice to a Novice etc…). 
This caption might have run away from me a bit, but I just love the
idea that a bit of strict schoolmistress play has turned into a
discussion of the annealing process for glass, because of some random
stuff she wrote on the blackboard.

Grrr!  Picture from the heyday of Cruella, there.  More of those to come.

Could have been any of them.

And, of course…


0 thoughts on “A decade of decadence”

  1. First, happy anniversary.

    Second, dammit, if I remember most of these, then I must have wasted a lot of time here, myself.

    Third, I love the "aviatrix" one. I could imagine that one becoming one of those ridiculous "beginnings" themed ones.

    Fourth, 100 a month is really just 3 a day. I'm sure your imagination can handle that.

    Fifth, here's hoping for ten more years.

  2. Happy anniversary! And all my hours pouring through your blog have never been a waste, and have often given me the laugh I needed to get through the rest of the day. So thank you for that.

  3. Many thanks, Tom

    Wasting time…yes, I find I do actually remember every one, once I look at it. And as there's over 7000 (written: 5000 posted) that's actually rather remarkable. Even if many are basically the same. The human brain is a wonderful thing, even in its shriveled and diminished male version… is this really what it evolved to do?

    Apparently so.

    Best wishes


    PS – so glad you like the aviatrix. I remember now, it took me AGES to find the picture. I had the idea and went off chortling to Google… and finally got it about an hour later. I've suffered for my obsession,and not always in session either.

  4. Thank you too, Declan. You know, the best way to thank me would be to resuscitate your own blog … one of my favourites.

    Best wishes


  5. Hi Ralph

    It has. Isn't that horrifying? But it's very good to hear from people who've made the rather strange journey with me.

    Best wishes


  6. I never engaged with the horse caption and I am still wondering what the second wish might be. But you haven't included in this selection any of the period costumed ladies writing to their male (or sort of male) connections in distant parts. They were always good. And of course I am still hoping that Anna has more bras which need to be handwashed. And do we really have another 2000 to look forward to? Oh joy, but don't tell the Mistresses. They might be cross and we know what can happen then.

  7. Ah well, the horse one is perhaps a bit idiosyncratic. I think the second wish involves the lovely ladies saddling up, but what do I know? Funny you should mention costumed ladies writing to distant parts, because I have already scheduled the very first of those to be reposted tomorrow… pig-sticking, dontcha know.

    And I'd forgotten about Anna's bras (please don't tell her) but I might add that picture to one of the nostalgic posts over the next few days. They're handwash only, I understand. I have that on good authority.

    Many thanks for the very well-informed comment!

    Best wishes


  8. Incidentally, you have more than 2000 on the way. 2000 is how many there are now. But there will be more. It's good to have a hobby.

  9. Pig-sticking – yes, I can almost feel that polished wood right now and how hard that can be when a girl has all that handwashing and ironing still to do too.

  10. Thank you. 'Following Blindly' was one of the early inspirations, as you know (The Look!), so thank you for that too.

    Best wishes


  11. That means a lot. Thank you.

    The final straw for my own blog was a sudden and constant fight with a certain Internet security service — the same one I use on all my own machines — that decided to block access to every page of my own blog as a supposedly dangerous spreader of malware. Each individual post that I asked them to review their decision on, they reversed themselves and unblocked that page. But they always refused to unblock access to the main blog page itself. And I just couldn't face making individual review requests for all of several hundred blog posts I had already made by the point this madness started.

    All the fun of doing that blog got sucked out of it from that, and I finally gave up the fight.

    Maybe I'll try again, at some point, somewhere.

  12. Do that, do that. It's funny how many problems these blogs have… it's almost as if the rather male-dominated tech firms don't approve of this stuff. Paltego's blog regularly freaks out when someone mentions 'femdom' in the comments, which is less than ideal.

    I have never really had any problems, though, with Blogger, and it does exactly what I want it to do, which is to put up words and pictures and links in just about any combination I want. Google threatened to close all adult blogs, of course, a few years ago and I set up a Tumblr just in case, but it didn't seem at all the same. More of a stream of unconnected images than something like a magazine article, which is what we have here (albeit the sort of magazine that goes inside a plain brown wrapper before being silently slid across the counter in exchange for cash). Sadly, no one actually actually reads Blogger any more – I understand it because they want to see stuff on their telephones instead, which seems odd. But Blogger's been good to me.

    Go on. Set up your blog again. Ah go on, now.

    Best wishes


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