Love not given lightly

Femdom hard limits
Now if it gets too much for you, just cry out at any time, OK?  She likes that.

Femdom clickbait goes here
Now that’s the kind of expression I usually have, when I’m in session.  Sort of “oh shit”.
This picture is from  You guessed, didn’t you?

Carla Brown wedding
Well, I think she shouldn’t have.  It’s ridiculous.  I mean, the elevator guy only has to press a button.
 This is the delightful (sometimes too delightful – but I like to imagine her being mean) Carla Brown.  So I guess that makes you Mr Carla Brown.

Mean mistress
Oh – and it does count, even if your fingers are crossed.  So don’t think you’re getting away that easily, boy number 3.

Anne obsession
Yes.  Yes it will.

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