When you’re spoken to

… it’s just bliss.

It’s always my favourite reason!

Gabriel’s pretty smart, for a boy.  You could even imagine him ending up as one of those high-end executive secretaries.  Unless some girl just comes along and sweeps him off his feet.

In a rare instance of the comics taking ideas from the fandom, I’ve heard that Marvel’s next superhero is called ‘Laundryboy’.

She’s a generous tipper.  If you put out.

I once suggested to my SO that I might be better at blow jobs if I’d ever experienced one. She just laughed and asked whether I’d be better at ironing shirts if I’d ever been ironed.  So we tried that instead. She’s very practical like that.

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  1. lovely glimpse into the future again with the coswshplayers. I think that there might well be black coloured triangles with curls coloured in. Those boys can't get it out of their minds. I think we might see several boys standing in reception trousers down showing their triangles until such time as they are shaved off. Femsup

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