Ladies in red

Men’s libbers are actually firmly opposed to being spanked.  Most men are, actually.  But they always end up thankful for it.

I once paid a prostitute to have sex with me – booked with a credit card.  But when I opened the door to her, she looked me up and down, dug around in her purse, handed me the same amount in cash and walked off.  Which could actually be quite handy some time, if I’m ever somewhere with no ATMs.
Never try puppy play alongside an actual dog.  They’re better at it. Much the same goes for sex and real men.  Don’t even try – you’ll just look foolish.  And you wouldn’t want that.


Except that she’s started by using social media to advertise, so her first clients are precisely likely to be your friends.  And your close family members.

She’s sneaked a tub of lube into the bottom of your tuck box.  You know: to make the first few days a bit easier.  She’s kind like that.

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  1. Yeah, he's quite a guy. Got the highest grade of all the boys in his class at school (B-, I believe – putting him higher up even than about 30% of the girls, although obviously home economics isn't quite as taxing as maths or physics, and some of those girls are just lazy rather than being limited by masculine abilities so it is a little different).

    I think his future's pretty bright: could end up the husband of a CEO, of a top scientist… heck, why not even First Boy as husband to a President? The sky's the limit.

    Thank you for commenting so often and so delightfully.


  2. Извините, Servitor, я все же напишу по-русски. Мне очень понравилась подпись к первой картинке. Вот, можно выступать за права мужчин, бить себя в грудь кулаком, брызгать слюной, а потом появляется ОНА и… выясняется, что всего и нужно было, чтобы тебя выслушали, посмотрели на тебя внимательно, пригрели взглядом, приласкали надеждой… И оказывается, что вовсе и не нужно никакого мужского освобождения… 🙂

  3. Ah, Alex, os ydych am wneud i mi fynd i Google Translate, yna byddaf yn gwneud yr un peth i chi. Mae rhyddhad gwrywaidd yn syniad rhyfedd iawn. Pam ceisiwch newid y gyfraith felly nid yw dynion yn cael eu cuddio, eu hildian ac yn gwadu mwy? Yr unig ganlyniad yw ein bod yn gorfod gorfod talu merched proffesiynol am yr hyn a oedd gynt yn rwymedigaeth gyfreithiol. S. :-{@>

  4. My ancestral language, as it happens (that I do not speak). But I'm not going to make it easy for you, Alex. Go ask Mistress Google. She knows everything.

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