They think it odd and Sodom and Gomorrah-ble

Isn’t it delectable?

My SO can be scatterbrained like that.  Just last week was supposed to be my annual orgasm and the silly thing forgot it completely!  How we laughed when she realised the next day why I’d been looking so anxious. She still smiles when she thinks about it…
Abusive behaviour can develop slowly – or can be quite quick, starting almost as soon as one hands over the bag containing the champagne and the envelope with the tribute money. 

Tried it.  What now?  Hmm?
The rules can be quite strict.  I tried to change my name to my wife’s and they wouldn’t allow it. Isn’t that ridiculous – in this day and age?  Apparently “Mywifes” is not an officially recognised christian name.


Well, I hope she’s prepared to let him stay for the whole session, even if he did underpay.

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  1. No indceed. Not least because when they do choose, they sometimes go for obscenties like "Princess Penelope Petunia Pandering Pathetic Poufypants", which no self-respecting Mistress should bother to remember. When I'm in my maid's outfit I am generally just referred to as 'Scrub' – practical and appropriate, I'd say.

  2. Unfortunately, she doesn't have your delicate sensibility, Smamfa, and in the end just went for "fucking" for that one too.

  3. I wouldn't worry about it, Smamfa (unless of course you have a very special Someone who checks your written work for accuracy and helps you improve, in which case you should be very worried indeed). Actually, I think it is just possible that 'gomorrahble' is not actually a word, despite being given sanction by the 'chic, unique and quite adorable' Mistress Julie Andrews.

  4. The abusive partner picture demonstrates just why the abused male needs to be naked. How else can She judge just how far She has slapped and beaten him. She needs to see the marks that might show were he to be undressed by his work colleagues. Femsup

  5. Yes indeed. Although males in pain do quite helpfully often make noises that can help their loving abusers judge how much harder they need be hit. It's not an exact science, but of course it doesn't have to be.

    Incidentally, this appears to be the 1000th comment on this site since it started, in or around the year 1864. Quite appropriate that it should be from you, Femsup.

    Best wishes, S.

  6. Its truly an honour and I am excited. Not as excited as I get looking at all the wonderfully captioned thought provoking pictures you put up though. Gives me a warm feeling. Just like when my blood is running down my buttocks onto my thighs after a very sever caning.
    And mmm just mmm about the making of noises. I think its just so selfish not to share the acknowledgement of ones pain with the person tormenting and torturing you. Its kind of rude and needs stern punishment just for that. Femsup

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