It’s what I aspire to be.  But I expect I’ll always remain completely abuseless.  So it goes.

Lesbian sadistic lust oh my
Actually, it’s quite common for female orgasms to be accompanied by loud screams.  That’s what I always find when She leaves my gag off, anyway.

Ah…Madame Sarka.  Bestrides the world of femdom like…herself.  Doubles the traffic to my site when she’s featured here.  Welcome, welcome.

Zapped into obedience
It’s what electricity was invented for.

Schoolgirl sadism - there's a lot of it about
After all, it’s nearly time for end of term reports.  The maths teacher got a particularly poor grade last time, so he’ll certainly be keen to have improved.

Just a little memento
You won’t forget her, either.

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