Despotic love

I suppose I can wait to watch the cookery programme – I’ve become quite good at coping with deferred gratification.  Thank goodness it’s only Raoul this time, anyway.  Sometimes she invites all the guys round to watch a big game and I’m rushed off my feet fetching and carrying beers, snacks and condoms.  She must find it quite exhausting too. 



It’s funny how the simple act of having electrodes attached to your genitals can change your whole perspective on things.


I know she’s a busy woman, but I really think she could cane her own husband. And detention is a very special time in any relationship.

She works hard for her money (so he’d better treat her right).

But with dignity.  Always with dignity.

0 thoughts on “Despotic love”

  1. Wiggling so your nipple bells jingle!Ha ha!! How perfect! Especially with the retro 60s look,

  2. Foolish sulking while having electrodes clipped on is great too (er, I think!) SaraE

  3. I personally am not a huge fan of having electrodes attached to me in day to day life but my SO firmly believes they encourage a positive mental attitude. Very firmly. She uses a system of penalties and rewards: pressing the button down for a penalty and releasing it for a reward. And truth be told it's a lovely reward – I can honestly say that not being in agony is one of my favourite things.

    Best wishes


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