Some men hope for threesomes.  Me, I’m lucky if I get a onesome.

She’s also never owned an umbrella in her life.

He’s not looking forward to childbirth.

The sounds the floor makes are very different from those made by wood planking.  But very pleasant, nonetheless.

Their ballroom is world famous.

0 thoughts on “Charmful”

  1. These little windows into a Female Supremacist world or relationship are just a joy to behold. I had heard of the tampon one before but the toilet queeing one is genius.i think it might give a lot of Women ideas. Femsup

  2. I love the Uber caption, but the bathroom one is truly inspired. I love the simplicity of that level of control, coupled with the total submission to female authority. Superb!

  3. Thank you, Femsup. I suppose if we were to equalise things all over, they'd have to find a way of making men live longer and be more intelligent too. I expect it's on the list.

  4. You're very kind. She makes it look simple, but actually there's a lot going on under the surface to make their relationship work like that. She has to out a lot of effort in – and he even more, obviously.

  5. Goodness, I seem to have been on target this time. You're all very kind.

    Although I think Elsa herself is doing a lot of the work in the first of those. Frankly, I could have put a caption just saying "Phwoaarrr!" on that one, and I think it would still convey power, elegance and unapproachability.

    She actually is called Elsa, incidentally. Elsa Hosk. And I have more pictures of her… some of them in that outfit.

  6. the hotel cap and the ladies room queue are two of the best ever but please some guys in frocks on oestrogen, traditional male clothing and testosterone are the ultimate undeserved male privileges that need correction


  7. Next Tuesday is maid day, Furcoat. But by the look of these male maids, not many of them are on oestrogen. Hairy-arsed perverts, the lot of them, I'm afraid. But I have to work with what I'm given.

  8. they really need to save that pocket money up for electrolysis ­čśë


  9. There is of course one way of making the Women's queue shorter quicker but it might put added strain on his bladder. Femsup

  10. Now, then, Femsup, it wasn't that sort of caption. Any urine-drinking he's going to be doing is strictly private and within the confines of their loving female-relationship. Just occasionally, we men need to taste something nasty and soaping just isn't enough, that's all.

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