Dealing with feelings of guilt

I’d like you to meet some ladies who are really good at that.

Femdom wife says no - agin
Don’t worry, you’ll show her.  Just go and get yourself a lawyer and – oh.  OK, so if you save your pocket money for about two years, maybe you can afford a really cheap lawyer, and then…

Beaten for her pleasure oh my
Maybe you choose tonight.  Then she can choose again tomorrow.

Hot lesbian girl on girl action, no less
Let’s just hope the little wife doesn’t ever mention that you call her ‘the bitch’.

Girls guns and attitude
Unconditional surrender.

Instruments of torture - part 36
Nice to see her soft and affectionate side, for a moment, before she really gets started on you.

0 thoughts on “Dealing with feelings of guilt”

  1. There are a good number of dommes like me who never have feelings of guilt so they don't have to be 'dealt with'.

    Many sub males, like my bitch-boy, introduced us Dommes to the world of femdom. So now bitch-boy gets what he deserves for starting the whole thing off. I always remember that and I never feel guilt.

  2. Ah yes, Ms Scarlet and may i say what an honour it is for me that you commented here.

    In my own worthless opinion, dommes are awfully good at dealing with their subs' feelings of guilt though. Building them up and then flogging them out. We are the lucky ones who really feel it – in more ways than one.

  3. I love the third photo and caption down. I like the idea of a female boss dominating a man at work and using her dominance of him to seduce his wife

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