I hold these truths to be self-evident

…all Men are created equally servile, that they are endowed by their nature with certain inalienable duties, that among these are service, slavery and the pursuit of degradation. That to ensure these duties, Women’s rule is instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the inadequacies of the governed.

From the 93rd amendment to the US constitution, 2064.

Long time to wait.  Here’s something for now.

Richard thought of “Mistress Initiating Loving Flagellation”.  Sadly, that was almost twelve hours later, when he was lying face-down in his bed, desperately waiting for exhustion to overwhelm the burning pain. 
Arachnophobic masochists Google bomb here!
It’s called Juliephobia.  Fear of Julie.  It’s actually quite rational.

Not as sorry as he's going to be
Apologising can make you feel good.  But not in this case, obviously.  Not until a long time after.

They have smaller brains
It’s true, ladies, so don’t hold back.  Not only are our brains smaller, but 95% of their volume is given over to thinking about you, so there’s really little capacity left for anything else.  Might as well fill it with pain.

And small dicks too
Actually, almost everything in that book is made up.  That party she threw at the sushi bar for all three ex-girlfriends where they exchanged stories about your sexual performance, and paid a prostitute to pretend to pick you up, then scream with laughter and steal your clothes?  No way.  It was in a regular steakhouse.  See – there’s loads of stuff like that.

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