Delightful power

Overdue whipping
Two or three days at least.

Hot bondage blokes
Oddly enough, a few nights later his life took a turn very significantly for the worse.  Just goes to show that you should be thankful for what you have – for example, he’s not screaming silently in agony into a thick gag.

Dominatrix tasks
She’s perfect, so why shouldn’t she expect his work to be?

Balls on ice
That joke copyright Emo Philips.
I loved the first snowfall of the year.  My heart would leap when I saw the soft white flakes covering the ground, and I’d jump up and I’d run to the front door, and shout “Remember the deal!  Let me in now!”.

Metric penis humiliation
Women eh?  Obsessed with penis size.  My Significant Other seems to bring the subject up every single day. And I just don’t think it’s appropriate, on a crowded commuter train.

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