Tools of the matriarchy

Fortunately, Sally has come equipped with all manner of pins, pincers and other sharp objects. Wasn’t that lucky?
You asked her if you could hear a little less ‘Julio says’ so here you are – three days when you won’t have to hear that bloody phrase once. Maybe even longer.
Sometimes the trickiest ethical questions in philosophy turn out to have remarkably simple solutions in practice.
Keep quiet and maybe they’ll forget you’re there.
Especially if the person in question were hypothetically restrained and unable to do anything about it, no matter how much he – sorry, they – hypothetically screamed and pleaded?
She’d worry she wasn’t doing it right, if you weren’t crying.

9 thoughts on “Tools of the matriarchy”

  1. Max often cries after a caning. I let him, I really don’t mind. I wouldn’t want him to cry for too long though, chores to do and so on.

    I let him plead for mercy too. I let him, I really don’t mind. I wouldn’t want him to plead for too long though, chores to do and so on.

    The last time I caned Max was last week. He hadn’t done anything wrong and it wasn’t a disciplinary caning, but my friend Agnes had brought her 12 year old daughter, Beccy, to visit and she asked for a demonstration.

    Thwack!!. ”Oww. One. Thank you goddess.”


    Thwack!! ”Aargh. Two. Thank you goddess.”

    ”Any questions, Beccy dear.”

    ”Yes, does it hurt him? I see he is screaming, but sissies do that, right?”

    Thwack!! ”mmmfff. Three. Thank you goddess.”

    ”Sissies are not people like you and me. It does hurt, but they don’t feel pain so much. It shows the punishment, or demonstration is working, honey.”

    Thwack!! ”ohh. wow. Four. Thank you goddess.”

    ”Why does he thank you, Zoe?”

    ”Oh, that’s to show he is grateful for the time and effort I am giving in correcting him. He is in my presence for an extended time, you know?”

    Thwack! ”Five. Thank you goddess.”

    ”He is sweet, the way he cries and his skin goes red.”

    ”He is a good boy, aren’t you Max?”

    ”Yes, goddess. Thank you.”

    Thwack!! ”’Six. ouch!!!! Thank you goddess.”

    ”Kiss the cane and then go and make us all some tea, and bring the chocolate cake you made.”

    ”mmm. ‘kiss. kiss’. Thank you goddess. I love you.”

    So, we had some refreshments as I asked Beccy and her mom where they are going on holiday this year.

    Max looked sorry for himself and kept sniffling and crying. I let him. I really don’t mind. I wouldn’t want him to sniffle and cry for too long though, chores to do and so on.


    1. Thank you, Ms Zoe. I’ve heard that scientists have discovered that male tears actually contain a powerful aphrodisiac that many women respond to. My SO has been talking to a perfume company about supplying it in bulk. Apparently if she gets the contract, though, she’s going to put me in charge of production, which would be quite a responsibility so I hope I don’t disappoint her.

      Best wishes


    1. Ah, they also serve who only writhe and scream, Mr A. I’m sure someone is enjoying your whippings, even if she agrees on the worthlessness point.

      Best wishes


  2. Last caption: Yeah you better cry. I’d hate to see what she’d do if he didn’t. At least she thinks you’re cute when you do. Like a child that just got spanked by mommy. Her panties are probably wet with desire right now. Makes you more fuckable to her.

    1. Exactly Squaw. My SO says she enjoys the sensation of pressing my wet little cheeks firmly between her thighs, especially if I’m still shuddering as I sob uncontrollably. Tears before bedtime. It’s a very special time.

      Best wishes


      1. My whimpering moans tends to turn her on my mistress tells me. So I guess heating my ass before bed time makes me more fuckable. Hey whatever pleases her I’ll endure. I don’t have a choice anyway.

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