So chic so fine you all look so divine

I do my best thinking in the corner. Sadly, it’s still not very good.
Reminds me of my SO, who has a real phobia about germs. If there are any streaks left in the toilet bowl, she calls me to lick them away immediately. Hygiene’s so important to good health, after all.
Apparently, many men find female sexual fantasy hard to accept – but as long as you’re tied tightly enough, you’ll accept whatever’s going on, I say.
Yeah, it’s weird: from a very early age I had no interest in playing with toy hammers or saws but show me a mop or a dishcloth and I’d be away. I used to play in the girls’ household corner at nursery school (kindergarten to you, most likely). Well… I used to clean up their mess after class, actually, but it was play for me.
Of course in reality she’s speaking in Czech and he ain’t from round there so I’m afraid he’s not getting much of this. He has picked up a few words already in his stay, but all he’s hearing is “—- flogging —- punishment —– ball-kicking —-“. Fortunately the OWK ladies have other ways of making themselves understood.
So if he’s already had gay sex eleven times, that implies a gay/straight ratio over the course of his life of… well: infinity.

15 thoughts on “So chic so fine you all look so divine”

  1. Just be grateful she is not suggesting using an epilator. The first time all that hair is pulled out by the roots is excruciating and toe-curling, more so in some places than others oddly.

    Eventually, with time and repetition, the hair surrenders and almost sheds itself at first sight of those whirling electric tweezers. Not that it makes any difference when the delicate scrotal skin gets caught though. Mistress always gets annoyed then, she is concerned that the stalled electric motor will be damaged if she doesn’t pull the epilator off quickly enough. Or so she tells me…. And she always knows best.

    Those weals can take days to go down though and Mistress doesn’t like how it deforms my “pretty little sac” during that time. Obviously that’s my fault for not healing and I fully understand why she kicks me so hard.

    1. Mistress knows best, Mr A. Many women prefer their males nice and smooth down there, with any unnecessary revolting excrescences shaved or plucked off. There are many tools for the job, it’s just a matter of choosing which is the most effective – and enjoyable for her, obviously.

      Best wishes


  2. She said it was just her fantasy. And you believed her. Until her two friends arrived – with a video camera and some very alarming-looking equipment.

  3. If you don’t show how much you overwhelmingly desire her, she will emascúlate you

  4. #5.
    I’ve heard that in one old country, Czech Republic, that many men have only one ball. This because many women have to cut one ball out of a man to prove their womanhood.

  5. Caption 1: Well, feel sorry for the lad. Now its back over her knee for another beating. He’ll figure it all out eventually, or else.

    1. You’re suggesting one should feel sorry for someone about to be spanked by Ms Johansson, Squaw?

      Are you feeling all right?

      Best wishes


      1. I mean, she gives a mean swing he told me. He couldn’t sit for hours by the time she was through with him. But I guess I really shouldn’t feel sorry for him. A hard head makes a soft behind after all, so he was practically asking for it.

  6. I love the brush idea. Can I copy it?
    I am curious to see if my horny stupid boyfriend will be able to brush a room, without doing a mess, after about 2 years without cum

    1. Of course, Maria. Just make sure you get permission from whoever owns the genitals on the male you intend to attach it too, after all. Of course, if that’s you then just have at it.

      I think it would be fair to give them plenty of time to do the sweeping, though, in that position. Madame Loreen there kindly extended his shift to 14 hours, so he wouldn’t have to rush, but the lazy thing still did a bad job. Still, I expect she’ll help him see the error of his ways.

      Best wishes


  7. Caption 6, Mila (Mila who? She’s lovely btw):
    Wow, look at that queue outside the club – you were quite the hit last night. You’ll be pulling a train tonight for sure, babe, lol

    1. Mila Azul, yes she is. If you’re thinking of giving her a quick Google (or a good thorough Googling, for that matter) be warned that some of the images and videos of her might not meet with the approval of whoever’s in charge of you.

      Here, her tasteful image and sweetly dominant words can be found by clicking on ‘Slava ukrayinkam’ in the word list to the left there. Not many yet but there will be more, you’ll see.

      Best wishes


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