You know, I’ve often been struck

She’s actually communicating her feelings on several different levels here.  It’s a Mars/Venus thing – you don’t have to understand but you could at least try to feel her pain.

If you argue it might go on longer – and wouldn’t that be just awful?

Some of us are already having the cry, thanks.  Although oddly it’s the cuddle that usually brings them on in floods.

What to do, what to do… You might want to try playing safe. They won’t let you (and anyway, you’re not safe), but I expect you’ll want to try.

She’s being rather unfair here.  She often is: if you want my honest opinion, she’s a vicious and vindictive person with serious anger management issues.  Always was.  Anyway – congratulations on your special day!  I’m sure you’ll be very.. well, maybe you’ll both be…  anyway, congratulations, yeah?  You’re a lucky guy.  We all think so.

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  1. Yes darling, of course I want to have a serious talk about our relationship but could you first of all stop your little dog from playing with those weights hanging from my balls and thinking they are his toys? Pleeeease. Oh there he goes again . and when they bang it one another Owwww!!

  2. It's really very considerate of the bride to remain so level-headed under the circumstances.

  3. Goodness, that sounds awful. Quite early on in our marriage I thought my SO might be thinking of getting a dog and I was worried about precisely this scenario, as we quite often featured bondage in our sex play as well as in our "being put down in the cellar where you can't irritate me any more' play. She'd bought a kennel and a leash, so when we were out at the supermarket and she told me to pick up a pack of dogfood I told her about how worried I was that a dog wasn't really compatible with our lifestyle and she just laughed – apparently, I'd got completely the wrong end of the stick. Not for the first time. Anyway, we don't have a dog (so I'm a bit puzzled about why she's been investigating quarantine kennels on the Internet for our upcoming holiday – but I've learnt not to question her).

    Many thanks for your comment. Good luck.

    Best wishes


  4. It is. She's always been level-headed: very much in control, you know? Even when she loses it completely in a violent fit of rage, she's still always in control. Some women just seem to be able to do that. Her husband-to-be will soon learn to appreciate that.

    Best wishes


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