Girlish ferocity

I just have resting silly grumpy-face.  When I don’t have resting screamy pleading-face, anyway.



It’s supposed to be quite effective in preventing premature baldness… or was that ‘laziness’?  All good, either way – just ask Helen.


Of course, she might do that even if he doesn’t make her.

And don’t forget to wag that cute little rubber dildo-tail.





I remember my first, fumbling attempts at sexual intercourse!  Embarrassingly bad, like most men I suppose.  I can laugh about it now, along with the guests whenever my SO tells the story, but at the time it was quite humiliating, especially with all those other guys there.  I suppose a second time needn’t be quite such a… a shall we say ‘cringe-inducing failure’ but as my SO likes to say, ‘why risk it?’



0 thoughts on “Girlish ferocity”

  1. I love the pictures in the gallery particularly the Woman shouting or screaming at a male behind them.
    Maybe he is an art installation and is sweating profusely after being fed chilli peppers or a curry. Come to think of it could that not be dog food as welcome a thought it already is. Femsup

  2. A glimpse of the Chastity Corps in the future Matriarchy. The bad on her arm is a stylised Kali Teeth bracelet but and an improved one from the ones we knew in the early 2nd decade of the 21st century. But old hat and recognised symbol by the 4th decade. Bit like a cannon on the Arsenal shield. Adriene Curry is a model and actress of the early 21st and this may be her daughter. Femsup

  3. Don't be tiresome darling this is premier dog food. Look you can see the large lumps of meat, or at least I think that is meat! Only an hour ago you asked me to let you eat it, now you are turning your pretty nose up at it. Do I need to get you to fetch the whip, babe?

    Good boy, that wasn't so bad was it? It was? Oh dear I bought a dozen cans. Never mind you will get used to it. I bet after you've eaten only my scraps you will be begging for this yummy doggie dinner. Now go and prepare my supper, what is it by the way? Home made beef curry? Wonderful darling.


  4. He is a bit sweaty, isn't he? Well… covered in some kind of liquid, anyway. Aren't males disgusting? It's a wonder the superior sex put up with us as kindly as they do.

    Best wishes


  5. You've partially lost me there, I'm afraid, Femsup as we don't do a lot of football references on this blog. For one thing, I've hardly got time to watch a bunch of overpaid men kick a ball around with all this ironing, and I'd much rather watch a bunch of highly-paid women kick a ball, or possibly a pair of them, anyway. But I am sure you're right, especially in your predictions about the future.

    Best wishes


  6. Quite right, Ms Zoe. You don't need that kind of ungratitude in your life, do you? Try him on the cheap stuff for a while! Or, if he insists he's not going to eat the dog food, that's fine – he doesn't have to. He'll come crawling back when he's hungry enough. Best to gag him when he's preparing your meals, obviously.

    Many thanks as ever for these glimpses of your well-ordered life.

    Best wishes


  7. Thank you Femsup, that's very lovely.

    But OK, here's a task for you. Go off and learn how to do html links (for example here). Then when you've done that, book yourself in for a session with one of those British dommes with a proper schoolmistress vibe (and a proper schoolmistress tawse), like
    Miss Amy Hunter for example and ask her to test you on it. Thoroughly. Because I don't think you lack ability, just motivation, and those ladies are very good at providing that.

    In the meantime, for everyone else's benefit, here is
    Femsup's link in shorter format.

    Best wishes


  8. It must be awful for her. having to slap such a nasty clammy wet face so many times and so very hard. True professionalism.

    Many thanks for the link and my apologies for the slow response – my spam filter did not like your comment. But I did.

    Best wishes


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