Fortunately, the best man’s speech wasn’t as embarassing as these things sometimes are. I guess it’s hard to give a funny speech, when the bride’s sucking you off.

My wife likes to try adventurous sex, in all sorts of different public places.  It’s pretty exciting for me, too, when she comes home to tell me all about it.

Well, looks like you won’t be the only man on the gender studies course!

She’s really good at ‘bitter, revengeful ex-girlfriend’ scenes too.  But she does charge extra.

I think that’s quite an important point.  I mean, just because she tortures unwilling victims to death, that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you can say about her, you know? She’s a complete human being into lots of different stuff – don’t judge her, OK?

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  1. Yeah, you're right there mate. It's been going downhill for years, to be honest. Poor old bugger, I don't know why servitor even keeps going. Sheer stubborn bloodymindedness, if you ask me.

    Still… maybe the sun'll come out tomorrow, y'know?

  2. The locals and the students of know it as Spanhurst but don't let them find any male being so impolite and flippant as to call it that. The lass in the wedding pic has the exact expression as the caption. Femsup

  3. Yes, indeed, 'Spankurst' is most impolite, and anyway would be too easily confused with the Army training college where young ladies learn to lead troops into battle.

    The lass has the same expression as the caption because the photographer managed to catch her just at the exact moment she was saying it. There's no great art to it – as I've said before, I just write doen what I see and hear in ordinary life.

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