Graceless, Feckless, Aimless and Pointless

… that’s me.  But also characters in a novel by the divine Stella Gibbons which contains little if any femdom, I’ll admit, although Kate Beckinsale takes a rather firm hand with people in an entirely non-kinky way in the movie.

Now: something nasty from the woodshed.

She’s actually strictly vanilla. Very strictly.

I feel you ought to say something about this.

Oh, I hate mandatory penile minimum rules, don’t you?  It started out just with the nightclubs, and I can understand that, but I took my suit to the dry cleaners the other day, they insisted on a measurement and they wouldn’t take my suit unless I scrubbed and ironed for four hours, just for being four inches below the required minimum length!  It doesn’t seem fair.

Don’t make Mommy use her cattleprod, now!

There are no ‘problems’, only solutions.

0 thoughts on “Graceless, Feckless, Aimless and Pointless”

  1. Oh very nice – thank you for that. Zardoz, is it? A name also from a rather vintage femdom experience. You must be even older than I am…

    What a sweet bunch they are, the ladies in that clip. I could have done with seeing more of the lady with the rather severe haircut, wearing a suit. And all of them, really.

    Best wishes


  2. Yes She was in Aufiedezehn Pet as the real German girlfriend of one of the two top protagonists. Did you see at the end as they buried the victim how hey camera lingered on their shoes. And the woman wiggling her shoe looking a bit like Judi Dench. Femsup/Zardoz

  3. "Aufiedezehn", Femsup (or Zardoz or whatever you are calling yourself right now)? I think you need an appointment with a strict German teacher.

    Perhaps this lady might oblige.

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