You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties

Happy relationships are all about boundaries.  Many newly-married men get a bit silly about not being able to lead the batchelor life any more, but are you really any ‘less free’ just because from now on you can’t do or say anything your wife disapproves of?  It’s just a different way of life, that’s all.

Rubbing up against a tree?  Sounds a bit kinky.

She seems nice.

Yes, let’s.

What a lovely film that was.  Especially the bath scene…

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  1. Mary Poppins Returns. And she does. It's an old British story of a governess and how she brings wayward families into line. It's quite mild as femdom movies go… but I understand there was a Russian version made, which featured a lot more birching and the knout, so look out for that.

  2. Oh? yes, there are Russian version with Natalya Andreichenko as Mary Poppins. But I don't like this version becouse there arу not birching and the knout! 🙂

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