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  1. I feel as if we have lost a friend. The world vision Freddies Tales was a more conservative vision of the future Matriarchy both with a small c and a big one. But I will miss this little glimpse into an alternate universe. But as we know things turned out more radical than that.

  2. Thank you. I take it you've tried clicking 'mens lib' in the wordcloud, there? There's a few based on gentle but firm guidance by our betters, like those.

  3. Yes indeed. Freddie – if you're out there, get in touch!

    One can only hope that wherever he is, he is firmly under the thumb of someone special and only not at liberty to respond for the very best of reasons.

  4. Just to let folk know I'm back but at a different location: freddiestales19.wordpress.com. There's a bit of an explanation there about why the hiatus. Hopefully normal service will be resumed.

  5. Hi Servitor – I'm back in the land of the living with a new blog address. Apologies for disappearing suddenly and thanks for the messages of concern!

  6. Now that is the best news I've had all week! Welcome back, Freddie, it is really good to see you.

    Sudden disappearance of the blog… I was thinking 'discovery'. But this sounds worse: the health scare you are making such light of in traditional British fashion sounds to me like it must have been pretty serious. I once had.. well, not a scare, but a combination of slight twinges with hypochondria, that caused me thoroughly to clean up my PC, in the thought that if I was diagnosed with what I thought I might have, I might not be coming back… It sounds more serious in your case, though, so for once genuinely breaking the rule on this blog that nothing it to be taken seriously, I am relieved and delighted to see you here: well, in good spirits and depraved, I hope.

    I think we'll need to modify Friday's scheduled post for a happy announcement.

    Welcome back.


  7. Incidentally, a lovely female friend of mine, new to the world of femdom, had put her husband in chastity just before you disappeared. She wasn't sure what to do about letting him out for release, so I understand she wrote to Abby a few times. As she's so inexperienced in the world of femdom she decided not to let him out until she got dear Abby's advice, and as she did not get any replies, I believe she's still waiting. She'll be so pleased Abby's back – and so will he.

  8. Oh dear, how disturbing that Abby has been on vacation. What an inconvenient time to be away. Still, I'm sure she will respond as soon as she can now. Thanks for your kind words here and at my Blog – actually it sound like you and I had much the similar response to much the similar situation. Hypochondria is a particularly debilitating condition and in my case wasn't even alleviated by the idea of peering at photos of uniformed nurses with surgical masks…

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