Oppressed desires

When I look at her, something about her gaze reminds me of my SO.  And the woman in the picture looks like someone I know, too.
They do such a fine job: still delivering healthcare and anti-rape services to the nation despite all the financial cuts

Remember femdom rule number one: never engage in unsafe activities like really pissing your domme off.
I’ve heard there’s a game called Prison Architect but I’ll bet it doesn’t have as many options as this.

Actually, though, cigarette ash is low-calorie, fat free and even vegan.  So it can be a very healthy part of a diet, mixed together with other foodstuffs, which is exactly how I take it.

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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing more in the vein of the "borrowed" castration ward bed, and maybe the architect (preferably on something other than urine/chamber pots, though)

  2. You have both of them absolutely right. The nurse went into her profession to make the world a better place, which is why she's so pleased to be working in a hospital with one of the leading castration units in the country. As for the architect, she was so inspired by her commission that she went home and designed a special extension to her sister's house, for her sister's ex-husband to use when he visits. At a time when all the news seems to feature selfish and self-centred politicians, it's nice to know there are still people motivated by the sheer pride of doing the best job they can.

  3. A good side long glance at the wonders of the future Female Supremacist Matriarchy. Architecture bent to the needs of the incarceration of the recalcitrant male.

    I think several officers in the centres observed the alacrity with which inmates eat the mud from officers boots.

  4. Men's needs will be looked after very well, under the new regime. Not their wishes or what they think they want, perhaps, but their needs.

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