Tears before, during and after bedtime

It’s actually quite high in calories, but don’t worry about that because you’re unlikely to be able to keep much of it down.

Thank goodness for that.  I think you can just leave the case in her capable hands.

I dunno – I find shops vary in the degree to which they are kink-friendly. Once I was sent to find some gear for an adult baby session and for some reason the staff in the ‘early years’ shop got all weird about it when I started asking about how strong their leather reins sets were, and whether the cots could be fitted with padlocks. But then on another occasion, I had to buy a hairbrush and the shop assistant in the department store I went to was delighted to help me try every one of them out.  Said it was something she wished she could do to more customers.  So you never know.

Silly boys.  Reinforced seat trousers do little good when they’re around your ankles, anyway.

Male brains don’t multi-task. Mine barely tasks at all, to be honest.  Now then: I was writing a caption..?

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  1. Ah the shoes are not just for practical use but for art and of course people like us it inspires other senses. The sense of smell and of taste.

  2. Women and shoes… I have to say I've never really understood why they need so many pairs. For example, I gave my SO a lovely pair of steel-tipped boots for Christmas and many very effective kicks in the balls I've had since, but when she wanted to kick me in the face the other day, we had to spend two hours traipsing from one shoe shop to the other until we'd found the perfect pair. A kick's a kick, surely? Still, if it makes them happy, I suppose…

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