When the weather stops being fine (16)

Ah… last of the holiday snaps.  Barring some tragic accident like a plane crash or a shark attack or putting too much milk in her coffee just one time too many, I should be back in the saddle and being spurred to resume what is laughably called ‘real’ life.  Might take a while to respond to comments, might be near instantaneous.  Or maybe there haven’t been any comments.  Who knows?  I certainly don’t.  It’s still 1st of August here.

Anyway, extra-super-bonus bumper post today.  Don’t get used to it – back to ‘normal’ from now.









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  1. I hope and trust you had a lovely holiday my darling. I missed you. I am looking forward to more great pictures and captions. Zoe.

    I have been musing with my girlfriends about the whole business of sissy slave husbands.

    How to cope with insolence or laziness or backchat. The best punishments – strap or cane or whip – whether it is permissible to use their horrid c**ks when one is bored or ones real man is away on business.

    As you know, darling Servitor, I am fair and pragmatic. If my sissy, Max, is insolent or lazy I merely slap him and extend his time in chastity by one month. I am not a fan of the strap (too bulky for my small hands), I consider the whip too brutal for my sissy. That leaves the cane, of which I heartily approve and use often…..if I can be bothered.

    One question we talked about was whether a sissy slave is a ''man'' or a ''subhuman''. We spent hours on this question and came to no real conclusion. No real man would be eager to kiss and worship my stinky feet after my gym session, as Max does. No real man would be eager to please my boyfriend, as Max is. No real man would eagerly lick my bottom clean after I have used the toilet. Surely not?

    Max is happy to do all those things. In fact he is so eager to worship my feet that he gets on the floor before me the moment I get home and even before he has taken my coat or made me a coffee. He is particularly keen after my gym session as my trainers get really stinky. Is this the action of a real man?

    The question of him being a subhuman is more intriguing.

    He is not a normal human, that is certain. I don't know any normal man who would accept being told off for backchat when all he has done is make a witty (??) comment about something I have said. It certainly is impertinent backchat but only because I have decided it is.

    No normal man would be happy to only voice opinions that I have approved. Max does as he has been trained. Last week he said to my sister, who is visiting, how much he admires big sexy black men and wishes I would allow him to date one. He didn't realize I was standing just outside the kitchen when he said it.

    ''Max, you know you don't get to date men without my approval, you are a sissy. Silly boy! If you want to date a black man you only have to ask me. Sally, he is such a silly sissy.''

    I wouldn't let him date a man, he is my husband after all. Which brings me to whether it is ok to f**k your sissy when your man is away. Well, Richard, is in Amsterdam this week and I am feeling horny.

    As a rule, it is not a good idea. Imagine the sissy who worshipped your shoes and licked your bottie clean in your bed…….yuck!!

    I have kept you long enough, my darling Servitor.


  2. Max, my darling sissy husband, asked me if he can go to a men's lib meeting.

    Do you think I should say yes?

    Last time he attended he came home and said he wanted to be allowed to speak freely to me. I was quite shocked to be honest. I don't want to be confronted by a sissy who has unapproved opinions or have a chat about the latest fashions with a sissy chum. I have enough friends to chat to.

    I was so annoyed I had to go out to the gym for an hour in order to calm down.

    Anyway he was not given permission and went to bed with a sore bottom.

    I do agree that men's groups can be nice for husbands. They can learn useful household skills like budgeting and silk blouse care.

    Maybe he will be a good boy, but it is a risk.


  3. Babe, we need to talk. Come and sit here….no, on the floor by my feet. You know better than trying to sit on the couch. I need to tell you that me and Richard have split, ok? It doesn't matter why you don't need to know. Now, tomorrow when I am out at work he will be coming round for his clothes and stuff.

    You may speak to him politely, but do not answer any questions about me. If he asks if I am sad or have dated anyone else, you say you do not know. I am really pissed with him, but you treat him with the usual fear and respect.

    Pardon? No, you are still my sissy, ok? If you give me backchat you know how that ends. If you want a caning or a whipping, I am fine with that. You never liked Richard anyways, so don't goal sad and stuff.

    Babe prepare supper and I will let you worship my feet under the table, ok?

    You make me laugh because you will do anything for my feet…so sweet.


  4. I hope the transition back is as good as possible. Maybe I missed it, we’re you at the beach, or elsewhere?

    Of course, some guidance makes one’s transition more Eddie next and better. Imagine that’s been taken care of. (Can I end a sentence with of? Or did my Wife threaten to spank me for dangling participles?)

    The first girl is just darling. Ha, I did not see the team footrub job coming (and neither will he, lol!’💦)

    The two Swedish women talking about season men. Well that’s gonna happen, isn’t it?

    I love the size discussion w woman in the slip. She’s taken control already, obviously. Only thing is I first read it as her saying she had an 8-inch took under slip and was going to peg the guy!! My mind, lol…. I guess that would happen in time, but I actually loved it that way!

  5. I think you raise an important moral dilemma, Ms Zoe, when you ask whether it's OK to f**k (fork?) your sissy when the man's away. But wouldn't a vibrator be more fun, less embarrassing and also less prone to complications? After all, you can just put a vibrator in the box, shove it under the bed and forget about it when you're done and while you can do the same to a sissy – obviously – sooner or later there's feeding and other bodily functions to take care of.

    Why limit yourself to one man, anyway? Richard might get a little jealous but he can always take it out on someone else if he cannot control his temper.

    Best wishes


  6. I think you and my SO would be of much the same mind, there, Ms Zoe. She takes the view that I am quite liberated enough already, and her reasons are quite compelling.

    Best wishes


  7. Fear and respect are very positive emotions for a sissy husband, Ms Zoe, so that all sounds splendid. Plenty more fish in the sea, and maybe your next beau will even share your love of painfully humiliating your long (but not yet sufficiently long) suffering 'babe'.

    Best wishes


  8. On the beach, gradually turning red under a blazing hot spanking for two glorious weeks, thank you very much.

    Your participles can dangle as much as you like, while you're commenting here. But make sure you button up (and delete your browser history) when you're done.

    Many thanks for your comment.

    Best wishes


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