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  1. Team Wilkinson. Sounds touching as they support each other and work together and help each other. Sounds romantic. They both win.

  2. That's right. Each has his or her own role to play like the team in any sporting competition. Carriage racing, for example: sure the horses are the ones running and pulling, but they'd never win any races without the driver's skill with the reins and the whip, would they?

    Best wishes


  3. My sissy husband asked if he could eat the half eaten apple on the kitchen floor.

    ''Please goddess, I haven't eaten an apple for over a year. This one was left by Rachel, she doesn't want it. Please goddess''.

    Do you think he should be allowed to eat it?

    Of course, the answer is no. For the simple reason that Rachel's saliva will still be on the rotten apple and it is forbidden in our Holy Book for a sissy and a senior family member to share saliva.

    ''You know the answer is no, Max. You know it is forbidden…look it up in the Holy Book. Page 321 – chapter 25 – verse 6 says ''And let it never happen that the discarded food containing the sacred saliva of a woman be mixed with or eaten by a sissy. This is an abomination.''

    Pretty clear I would say. Now throw the apple in the food recycling and never ask again.

    ''But Rachel only took one bite. She hardly touched it.''

    ''Is that a criticism of our darling daughter. Should she have finished the apple she started?''

    ''No goddess. She may do as she pleases. But it seems a waste of a good apple.''

    ''The Holy Book says never. Does that mean sometimes or something else. Are you criticizing the Holy One now? Is that what you are doing, Max?''

    ''No goddess. Sorry goddess. Here see I am putting it into the food recycling. Sorry goddess for asking a dumb question.''

    ''That is 2 months on your chastity, idiot! Go and do your f***ing chores, Max.''


  4. She sure came with a quick solution to the lost-key predicament, lol! Like she’d planned it, even. 🙂 SaraE

    At the beach now myself, and can confirm there are beautiful women here worth serving.

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